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Sniper Owners’ Society (SOS) Conquers Bicolandia

May 17, 2019
After finishing the Petron 24-Hour Endurance and Economy Challenge to the north of Luzon (started at Petron-C5 and ended in Petron-Baguio) last January 2009 – where fourteen SOS members were…
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Maico Buncio Three-peats!

May 10, 2019
Maico Buncio became a three-time Philippine National Superbike champion in 2009 as well as then the youngest Open Superbike champion. He also took home the 130cc Open and the 130GP…
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Super8 Philippines Club

May 8, 2019
Super8 Philippines Club Formalized Super8 Philippines Club was formed on the 13th of February 2009 at Cafe de Lipa in Macapagal Avenue. 37 Super8 owners were present for this historic…


April 26, 2019
Club FZ16 Club was founded on February 25, 2011. It was started at YZone’s 1st year anniversary where a group of FZ16 enthusiasts met up and decided to create a…

Raniel Resuello: Living The Dream

April 12, 2019
They say all success stories somehow start with a dream. A desire that emerges from an inspiring experience and this leads us in relentless efforts to achieve that dream. So…

Bryan Ortile: The “Spark” Within

April 5, 2019
Good thing for the team, it’s not much of a problem for the skillful rider. Following a DNF in the first round of the BRC season, “Spark” as he is…
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Wonder Boy McKinley Kyle Paz

February 15, 2019
Kyle developed a liking for motorcycles as young as 1 through his choice of toys. The kid was fortunate to have received all-out support from his loving parents since both…
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Couple Ride Philippine Loop by Onie and Claire Dela Cruz

February 14, 2019
The Philippine Loop is a tour oriented project to promote the Philippines as a major sports and adventure destination in the Asia Pacific Region .   It is an all-year…


December 17, 2018
The V4 S signals a new chapter in Ducati’s rich history as this new steed is equipped with a new engine, frame and an overall electronic package that will try…
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