Date posted on May 31, 2015
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Defending Underbone King John Emerson Inguito led Team Spec V to a victorious day by winning the main 150cc Open class of the 2015 Philippine Underbone King Championships’ second leg. Masato Fernando and James Mendez also of Spec V finished second and third in the west course race last May 24 at the Clark International Speedway.

150 UBK Winners – Masato Fernando, John Emerson Inguito and James Mendez

Maiko Adapon had a good race day as he won the 115cc Novice class for a double win as he also clinched a class in the Philippine Scooter Racing Championships. Lorenz Villanueva of MBF and Top 1-MBF-YRS rider Jacq Buncio placed second and third.

115 UBK Winners – Lorenz Villanueva, Maiko Adapon and Jacq Buncio

The Unified Sports and Racing Association for Motorcycles, Inc. (USRA) is the sanctioning body of the 2015 FDR Philippine Underbone King Championships.

More details and pictures will be published in InsideRACING Volume 13 Number 6.


150cc Open UBK

1. John Emerson Inguito

2. Masato Fernando

3. James Mendez

4. Ralph Kenneth Torres

5. Herbert Lopez

6. Tracy Soyangco

7. Niño Fabian

8. Edmar Quiambao

DNF John Lery Enriquez

115 Novice UBK

1. Maiko Adapon

2. Lorenz Villanueva

3. Jacq Buncio

4. Carlo Calderon

5. James Amporias

6. Mark Ondillo