IR rides the new Yamaha Tricity!

Date posted on January 15, 2015
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Yamaha’s new Tricity will be officially launched in the Philippines this January 24 at the SM Mall of Asia concert grounds.

According to Yamaha, it brings with it an extraordinary aspect that’s never been experienced, a way to move like no other. Yamaha developed this new city commuter that reinvents personal mobility with the introduction of a brand new technology, the LMW or Leaning Multi Wheel. It allows two front wheels to harmoniously work together to adapt in different road surfaces.

20141213_094242_wm         20141213_102723_wm

The feature point of this Yamaha-exclusive technology is the integration of 2 key systems, a “Parallelogram Link” and a “Cantilevered Telescopic Suspension” for the two front wheels with unique machine dimensions and geometry which allows it to adjust to any road condition.

The Yamaha Tricity also brings about a new lifestyle, an upgrade to the daily commute. Aside from the technological functions, it also presents elegance and modernity. This beautifully designed machine envelops the rider with a look of confident intelligence as each journey exemplifies a unique dynamic movement.


But even before that, motorcycle fans can already know about the details of this innovative motorcycle in the new issue of InsideRACING magazine. IR readers can also read about how it rides as IR was given a rare chance to be the first journalists to test ride the unit.

The new Yamaha Special Issue also contains a comprehensive report of the recently concluded Yamaha ASEAN Cup race event held last December in Indonesia featuring top Filipino riders from Luzon Visayas and Mindanao.