IR@10! Classic IR stickers

Date posted on September 4, 2014
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IR Sticker 2004a main

These were the first IR stickers made in 2004 when the IR magazine was restarted. Racers competing in the NRA Motorcycle Grand Prix (MGP), EL Racing Tech Series, and SK Invitational Series proudly wore them on their helmets and bikes. IR Stickers was one way for passionate riders who race to differentiate themselves from ordinary riders. It was also a sign of support to the magazine. Years later, this stickering campaign has been adopted also by other magazines.

InsideRACING Magazine was the first and only magazine to give extensive and full coverage to the local grassroots and underbone and scooter racing scene in 2004. IR focused on promoting the riders, teams and made heroes of winners. IR also helped and worked closely with the organizers to promote every single race and educate the fans on road racing.