10-Year Dream Realized! Vespa and Aprilia Showroom in Cabanatuan Opened by Wheeltek

Date posted on November 20, 2022
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If you happen to be driving by on Maharlika Highway in Mulawin 1, Brgy Bitas, Cabanatuan city, Nueva ecija (where you can Google map the name “Wheeltek Big Bikes Complex”), you will find there a showroom with two Italian brands that ring a special tune to many rider ears throughout the country.

Aprilia was founded right after world war II with bicycles, then later on scooters and finally levelled up to high displacement sport bikes to what we know of today – garnering trophies and awards in races, both on and off road, all over the world. In the Philippines, the Italian brand represents one of the highest level of motorcycles in both performance and prestige in ownership. If you own an Aprilia, then you’re one of the top guys looked up to in the motorcycle community.



Vespa, on the other hand is another Italian motorcycle name that is known for its all pressed metal unibody, curvaceous body that not only performs upholds well as a daily and weekend drive but also exudes an image of class and distinction among all other scooters, no matter what the brand. The name is Italian for “wasp” which is the sound it makes as it buzzes by similar to that of the insect sound. Both brands now hold a special place in the roster of the Wheeltek Group who recently celebrated in grand fashion, the opening of their branch in Cabanatuan last November 18, 2022 with over 200 riders and guests, full band, grand raffles and more.





Wheeltek is inviting all riders to come and visit to see up close, personal and perhaps even test ride the latest Vespa & Aprilia motorcycles available. To date, models that are available and on display are the S125, Primavera, Sprint, GTS, & Sei Giorni.



There is also the very unique and special unit on display – the Limited Edition Vespa x Justin Bieber Vespa Sprint. This is a special collaboration & creation by the two names, giving it a very exclusive status among all other Vespa models.

There are also parts, clothing and other merchandise and accessories available for viewing and purchase. For any inquiries, feel free to visit the showroom at Mulawin 1, Brgy Bitas. Cabanatuan city, Nueva ecija or you may also contact Paolo Gregorio, Branch Manager at 0917 160 0791 or visit the branch Facebook page at “Aprilia Cabanatuan” & “Vespa Cabanatuan”.

If you have an itch for the unique, the special and the historical, come to Vespa – Aprilia Cabanatuan and see for yourself the Italian beauties that are awaiting their new owners.

Live more Vespa.

credit: Wheeltek

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