Batmobile-inspired Super Show Scoot from Tiaong, Quezon

Date posted on January 2, 2020
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This Yamaha Mio Sporty Smiley show scoot is inspired by the most recent version of the Batmobile which is the “Tumbler”.

The vehicle is a cross between a Lamborghini and a Tank. It was designed by Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Sciences Division as a bridging vehicle for the military. It includes weaponry and the ability to boost into a ramp-less jump. The Tumbler’s armor is strong enough to break through concrete barriers without sustaining significant damage.

The scoot is owned by Jay Garcia, a businessman from Tiaong, Quezon Province. The show scoot was built by 5J Customs headed by Jerick Waje.

“Ang napili ko na concept is inspired by the Batmobile from The Dark Knight Rises movie. Nung bata pa ako, si Batman din talaga ang idol ko. Higit sa lahat, wala pa akong nakikita sa mga motor show na may ganitong concept at gusto ko talagang magkaroon ng sariling Batmobile,” said Jay during our interview.

The scoot sports a wide array of custom-made parts made by 5J Customs. First of which is the custom-made single sided swing arm front suspension. The scoot also sports custom rear suspension with twin shock absorbers mounted on the center. The scooter is equipped with super wide fatty mag wheels wrapped in Pirelli dual-sport scooter tires to emulate the imposing Batmobile “Tumbler” tires. It also sports custom-made swing arm extension, Brembo brake calipers front and rear, Racing Boy master cylinders, Rizoma side mirrors, KOSO digital gauge, Racing Boy brake levers, Rizoma bar-end sliders and custom-machined handlebars to emulate the low riding position. The whole scoot is stretched out and lowered for stability on high-speed and stable acceleration. It also has 4 LED fog lamps at the front and custom LED street glow lighting at the rear. The scoot has custom-made leather seat, custom-mounted engine oil cooler, Racing carburetor and custom-made twin barrel exhaust pipes. Unlike the Batmobile though, majority of the parts have been chromed up and paired with the custom paint job, making the scoot a magnet for ambient light. This feature makes the scoot really stand out aside from its impeccable custom modifications. The scoot also has a powerful sound system equipped with Lightning Lab Z-Series amps, Universe parametric car equalizer and Lightning Lab speakers. The scoot has custom-made controls for the sound system, main lights, fog lamps and street glow LED.

“Mahirap talaga mag-build ng show scoot, kailangan talagang pag-isipan ng mabuti ang concept. You need to invest time, money and effort just to make your vision a reality. Pero lahat ng sacrifices at hirap nawala nung nanalo ako sa 13th IR Bikefest Custom Bike Show competition. Proud kami dahil yung scoot namin hindi lang pang-show. It is a fully functional scoot and it is capable of enduring even long rides,” Jay shared.

5J Customs has been at the forefront of bringing up the level of competition in the motorcycle modifying community. It is a testament to their talent, resourcefulness and dedication to their craft. If you can dream it, they can certainly build it. Their Batmobile-inspired Yamaha Mio Sporty Smiley went on to bag the top spot for the Best Scooter award at the Custom Bike Show competition of the 13th IR Bikefest. It also won 2 major awards, the top spot for the People’s Choice award and the Overall Best in Show. Aside from that, it also clinched the Best Bike in South/Eastern Luzon and 2nd in Best in Presentation award.

“Thank you to my family and friends. Thank you so much Jerick Waje of 5J Customs for helping me build the show scoot. Special shoutout to Borj Robles, Vernest Angeles, Yuwitshi Garcia, Yunviro Garcia, Romnick Castillo, Gerald Garcia, Jasmin Garcia, Garry Garcia, JD Lunar, Jason Pamis, Reniel Garcia, Biboy Sotomango, Dan Kian Robles, Dan Inigo Robles, Gomer Garcia, Chan Chan Garcia, Joemarie Bagain, Jayson Faylona, Patrick Angeles, Erwin Angeles, Nikko Gonzales, Courtney Almario, Carl Aspiras, Jono Yarga, Jerimy Potane, Joseph Roque, Rafael Cruz, Michael Buldan, Rhoniel Briones, Joel Ilagan,  Jose Liwanag, Anthony Aguilo, Jimboy Garcia, JJ Arevalo Santos, Julius Viterbo, Lhowell Miranda, Toti Meday,Alvin Aguilo, Boy de Guiya, John Cedrick Angeles, Nico Angeles, Enzo Cabrera and Nilo de Ocampo. Thank you so much InsideRACING Magazine for featuring our show scoot,” Jay expressed.

Modifications: Yamaha Mio

  • 5J Customs custom-made single sided swing arm front suspension
  • 5J Customs custom rear suspension with twin shock absorbers (center mounted)
  • Fatty mags front and rear
  • Pirelli dual-sport scooter tires front and rear
  • 5J Customs custom swing arm extension
  • Brembo brake calipers front and rear
  • Racing Boy master cylinders
  • Rizoma side mirrors
  • KOSO digital gauge
  • Racing Boy brake levers
  • Rizoma bar-end sliders with lever protectors
  • 5J Customs custom-machined handlebars
  • 4 LED fog lamps at the front LED street glow lighting at the rear
  • Custom-made leather seat
  • Custom-mounted engine oil cooler
  • Racing carburetor
  • 5J Customs custom-made twin barrel exhaust pipes
  • 5J Customs custom body panel paint job
  • Lightning Lab Z-Series amps
  • Universe parametric car equalizer
  • Lightning Lab speakers
  • 5J Customs custom-made controls for the sound system, main lights, fog lamps and street glow LED

by Arnel Santos-Yñigo

*This article was published in InsideRACING’s  Volume 17 Number 9  2019 issue.