Pirelli Cup Wraps Up another Good Season

Date posted on January 3, 2020
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The Clark International Speedway was filled with excitement last October as the Petron National Motorcycle Championship had its sixth and final round.


Mc Vil Pagsinuhin


The Pirelli Cup was one of the participating race events of the series. Comprised of two groups and nine classes this 2019, the Pirelli Cup was well supported by racers again this year.


RG Romero on a Ducati dominated the Group 1 race in the final round. Romero had the best time in qualifying and also finished first in Race 1 and Race 2 which both had 6 laps. The Club 200-Moto Garage rider also had the best lap times in both races. Other winners in the last round of the Pirelli Cup’s Group 1 this year were Mc Vil Pagsinuhin in the Heavyweight B, Ben Mondragon in the Rookie Cup, Jan Timbol in the Naked Cup and Jhun Alcantara in the Middleweight category.


RG Romero


Gab Valenciano placed second in the Heavyweight A. Jem Zaparita and Alexander Barnuevo were the runners-up in the Heavyweight B. Second and third placers in the Rookie Cup were Salvador Ramos and Arvin Gacrama. Joining Jan Timbol in the podium of the Naked Cup were Michael David and Richard Pagsinuhin. Runners-up in the Middleweight class were Darwin Mangulabnan and Jon Russel Barnacha.


Heavyweight B class winners

Rookie Cup class winners

Middleweight class winners

Naked Cup class winners

Heavyweight A class


After six rounds, overall champions in Group 1 were RG Romero, Mc Vil Pagsinuhin, Ben Mondragon, Jan Timbol and Jhun Alcantara who have all shown consistency and winning performances throughout the season.


Ben Mondragon


In pole position of the Pirelli Cup Group 2 round 6 was Vrei-ar Suba of Phoenix-Yamaha-SEC. It was Watanabe Riding Development’s Ralph Kenneth Torres, however, who finished first in both Race 1 and Race 2. Both races had 5 laps. Torres won the SuperSport Lightweight Pro class in the last round and also registered the fastest lap time in Race 2 while in Race 1 it was Watanabe Riding Development owner and coach Dashi Watanabe who got the best lap time. It was the first time for two-time PSBK champ Dashi to race in the Pirelli Cup’s SuperSport Lightweight class. Vrei-ar Suba placed second while Tracy Soyangco settled for third place.


Dashi Watanabe

Joel Narte

Jr. Rookie Cup class winners



SSLWP class winners

Lightweight A class winners

Lightweight B class winners


Fidgi Ibasco outperformed Joel Narte in the Lightweight A category. In the Lightweight A class, Domingo Averilla was back on top of the podium. Joining him were Bernard Caminian and Coco delos Reyes. Justine Dugeña was still seamless until the last round and she had a perfect season in the Jr. Rookie category. Kurt Dylan Matibag and Edward Auguis placed second and third.


Fidgi Ibasco

Domingo Averilla


2019 Pirelli Cup Group 2 overall champions are Tracy Soyangco, Joel Narte, Domingo Averilla and Justine Dugeña.


Justine Dugeña

Tracy Soyangco

Ralph Kenneth Torres

Kurt Dylan Matibag


The Pirelli Cup has always been exciting with different brands, models and displacements of motorcycles ridden by passionate racers. The competition is always thrilling and fun both for the participants and race fans. Italian tire brand Pirelli is distributed in the country by Caloocan Sales Center.


Heavyweight A

  1. RG Romero
  2. Gab Valenciano

Heavyweight B

  1. Mc Vil Pagsinuhin
  2. Jem Zaparita
  3. Alexander Barnuevo

Rookie Cup

  1. Ben Mondragon
  2. Salvador Ramos
  3. Arvin Gacrama

Naked Cup

  1. Jan Timbol
  2. Michael David
  3. Richard Pagsinuhin


  1. Jhun Alcantara Jr.
  2. Darwin Mangulabnan
  3. Jon Russel Barnacha


  1. Ralph Kenneth Torres
  2. Vrei-ar Suba
  3. Tracy Soyangco

Lightweight A

  1. Fidgi Ibasco
  2. Joel Narte

Lightweight B

  1. Domingo Averilla
  2. Bernard Caminian
  3. Coco delos Reyes

Jr. Rookie Cup

  1. Justine Dugeña
  2. Kurt Dylan Matibag
  3. Edward Auguis


*This article was published in InsideRACING’s  Volume 17 Number 9  2019 issue.