18th National Motorcycle Convention 29 – 30 April 2012

Date posted on April 26, 2012
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Fontana Convention Center (29 - 30 April 2012)

The wait will soon be over!

Pwede nang kamutin ang kati ninyo – because the Castrol Activ4T MOTOKHANA
is back for its fourth year!

The 2012 Season will start at the famed Fontana Hot Springs Leisure Park
Convention Center inside the Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City, Pampanga
during the 18th National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines

This annual gathering, just like they did in Baguio in 2009 for the 14th MC
Convention, will also be welcoming small bikes to the event, therefore
allowing the way for a MOTOKHANA competition to be staged. Making this
possible, of course, is MK Presenter, Castrol, which happens to also be the
biggest sponsor of the motorcycle convention since 2008.

The bikers meet will be conducted from 27 April to 01 May 2012, but the
MOTOKHANA will only be conducted for two (2) days from 29 – 30 April 2012.

The 2-day program will follow the familiar agenda carried out during its
participation in the last two Inside Racing Bike Festivals, with the first
day exclusively for free trials (and informal practices) and the second
day, for the competition proper.

29 April 2012 (Sunday) – Non-COMPETITION Day / “LIBRE MOTOKHANA!”
- Riders must sign a waiver for the free trials. Must use a currently
registered motorcycle or scooter, have an unexpired driver’s license with
Restriction 1 or a valid Student Permit, and wear complete protective gear
(motorcycle helmet- may be open face, long sleeved shirt/jersey, long
pants, covered shoes, and full-fingered gloves).

10:00 am – Registration Opens
10:30 am – Riders Briefing
11:00 am – Course opens for Free Trials and Practice
12:00 pm – Lunch break
01:00 pm – Course re-opens for Free Trials and Practice
06:00 pm – Course closes
06:30 pm – Day ends

(The NRA Secretariat will also begin accepting pre-registrations for the
next day’s Competition)

30 April 2012 (Monday) – COMPETITION DAY (and FREE Trials)
- Riders must sign a waiver for the free trials. Participants competing and
riders doing free trials must use a registered motorcycle or scooter, have
an unexpired driver’s license with Restriction 1 or a valid Student Permit,
and wear full protective gear (motorcycle helmet – may be open-face, long
sleeved shirt/jersey, long pants, covered shoes, and full-fingered gloves).

09:00 am – Secretariat opens
09:15 am – Registration opens
09:30 am – Riders briefing
10:00 am – Course opens; practice and free trials begin
12:00 pm – Lunch Break
01:00 pm – Course re-opens; practice and free trials resume
03:00 pm – Competition proper begins
05:30 pm – Competition ends; course re-opens for free try-outs
06:00 pm –Awarding Ceremonies
07:00 pm – Course closes
07:15 pm – Day ends

As previously announced, the addition of an Intermediate Class (due to the
advancement of some Novice Class participants, as well as the introduction
of a middle-ground level for experience riders who are not yet of expert
rank) and the upgrade of the Team Event from 2-man to 3-man, are just two
of the changes being introduced this year, starting at this year’s 18th
National MC Convention.

The other adjustment is one that was highly anticipated since the inception
of this skills challenge – the MOTOKHANA BEING NOW A SERIES. Points will be
awarded at the end of each event based on a competitor’s place finish
following the MotoGP Points Scale below:1st - 25 points2nd - 20 points3rd -16 points4th -13 points5th -11 points6th -10 points7th - 9 points8th - 8 points9th - 7 points10th - 6 points11th - 5 points12th - 4 points13th - 3 points14th - 2 points15th and below - 1 point

For all other specifics and details with regards to rewarding of points,
decisions, as well as in cases of ties in the number of points, such will
be answered by MK Technical Director Jake Swann and Timer Chief Jobert

The following are the 2012 Competition Classes of the Castrol Activ4T
MOTOKHANA, their categories, and cash prizes:

Solo – NOVICE (Top 6) Entry Fee: P300
- Scooter
- Underbone
1st - P2,500
2nd - P2,000
3rd - P1,500
4th - P 700
5th - P 500
6th - P 300

Solo – INTERMEDIATE (Top 3) Entry Fee: P400
- Scooter
- Underbone
1st - P3,000
2nd - P2,500
3rd - P2,000

Solo – EXPERT (Top 3) Entry Fee: P500
- Scooter
- Underbone
1st - P5,000
2nd - P3,000
3rd - P2,000

TEAM EVENT (Top 3) Entry Fee: P500
- Three (3) riders in a group
1st - P5,000
2nd - P3,000
3rd - P2,000

*Rider class combinations allowed:

The NRA hopes, however, for everyone’s understanding that since costs have
gone up, as well as an increased cash prize in the addition of another
rider in the Team Event, participants will notice that the entry fee in
this class has been raised from P300 to P500.

Of course, there is also the “ROOKIE of the DAY” Award, which goes to the
fastest Novice participant of the day’s events. The RoD receives Php 1,000
in cash and an MK t-shirt.

How to join?

It’s very simple. Just follow the steps below:

1. Show current driver’s license with Restriction 1, or a valid student
permit (aka not expired). Also show O.R. of bike that will be used in
competition as proof of registration or, if newly bought and bike not yet
without a license plate, a certificate of sale.

2. Completely fill-up and sign a registration form and waiver (one time
only). Incomplete and unsigned reg. forms will not be accepted.

3. Pay the corresponding entry fee/s of your entered class and
category/ies. Multiple entries are permitted.

4. Receive your number vest, which is on loan to you for the entire day.
Rider participant must submit driver’s license to receive the number vest,
and driver’s license will only be returned upon surrender of number vest.

5. Receive your Castrol jersey (one-time only) and other freebies, and
enjoy your MOTOKHANA experience!

But wait! Want to get a break on your entry fee? Read on…

Buy Castrol motorcycle oils to get a DISCOUNT on your entry fee or maybe
even join for FREE!

Procure them at any Castrol dealer or at Ace Hardware stores.

Purchase either ACTIV 4T, POWER1, or POWER1 RACING and present the official
receipt of purchase (variant must be indicated in the receipt for proper
discounting) within 30 days of a MOTOKHANA event.

Solo – NOVICE Class
ACTIV 4T - P100
POWER1 - P 50

ACTIV 4T - P150
POWER1 - P100

Solo – EXPERT Class and 3-MAN TEAM EVENT
ACTIV 4T - P300
POWER1 - P250

For the 2012 Castrol Activ 4T MOTOKHANA schedule, go to
www.motorcyclephilippines.com, or buy a copy of the latest issue of Inside
Racing magazine. Tune in also to Motorsiklo Xclusibo, DZME 1530 AM, every
Friday from 1:30pm to 3:00pm for the latest MK happenings!

For more information, contact the NRA at tel. no. (63) 726 6293 or mobile
no. (917) 820 2391 and look for Rose.