2021 Yamaha Sniper 155R First Ride Bike Review

Date posted on May 28, 2021
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Yamaha Motor Philippines invited the media last May 27 to their plant in Malvar, Batangas for a test ride of their newly launched motorcycles, the Sniper 155 and 155R which was digitally presented on May 22.

The Sniper 155R has the same specs as the Sniper 155. The difference is that the R version has front brake with 2-pot caliper, Smart Key System and 12V DC power socket.

Here is the first ride impression of InsideRACING’s Mr. Al Camba on the Sniper 155R.

“I rode the 155R variant, the differences between the standard is the Smart Key or keyless ignition, IRC tires (vs Maxxis for the Standard), electric socket, double piston front brake caliper and terrific special colors (in this case Matte Silver with “Petronas” green highlights.”

“During the short test ride, I was not able to feel the actual difference between the front brake nor the grippier IRC tires. However, the special color really stood out and the Smart Key feature gave it a very premium feel.”

” The biggest compliment I can give is how high the feeling of quality the bike exudes from its visual impact, to the touch and to the way the bike feels under you on the move.”

” From the sophisticated color, the high level fit and finish, the revised shape of the body plastics, the digital dash, the smooth shifting 6-speed transmission aided by an Assist and Slipper Clutch and, of course the smooth and refined 155 engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA); all combine to make it feel premium and special.”

“Handling wise, it is approximately the same as the old one with the added smoothness, acceleration and power of the new engine. This has got to be the best underbone I have ridden so far in terms of reduced NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). Shifting is so light and smooth aided by its new assist and slipper clutch technology.”

” The very refined new 155cc VVA engine even gives a little rider excitement – when you rev out to the limiter as it emits a very racy yet pleasant exhaust howl, like a supersport bike! Definitely entertaining and exciting!”

” Majority of what you read lately say that the more expensive scooters will dominate the market and that these geared underbones are on their way down.”

” However, with new models like the Sniper 155, I think the underbones has gained a lot of appeal once again, especially to the performance enthusiasts on a budget.”

“This Sniper 155 can give the rider all the panache, convenience, technology, performance and sophistication of the best scooters and even some small sportbikes. And compared to other underbones, it has strong points to live up to Yamaha’s claim to “Ride Above the Rest!”

For more info about these Sniper 155 and 155R, click here.

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