Sniper MX 135 from Antipolo City – D’mistress

Date posted on March 8, 2018
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How did you get into motorcycling? “I got my first bike when I was still in college. I also had a part-time job so I needed to commute from home to school and also to work. Owning a motorcycle seems to be a good investment. It will save me some travel fare aside from the fact that it will cut a considerable amount of travel time. Travelling with friends to beautiful places that I have only seen in pictures made me fall in love completely with riding motorcycles, especially when I have great company to enjoy the scenery and the ride itself. The joy, the adrenaline rush of pulling back on the throttle, letting the muffler roar and feeling the wind as my motorcycle zips along the road makes me feel alive more than anything else.”

What is the story behind your bike and does it have a name? ” “I named her D’mistress since my wife always badgers me on with spending more money on my bike. Hehehe. I simply retort jokingly that it’s better to spend it on my mistress than something or someone else.”

Why did you go into modifying your bike? “At first I did some aesthetic modifications. I wanted my ride to look good. Being able to turn the heads of those I run into. But I thought my bike should also have power and not just looks. That is when I had my engine upgraded so that it can outrun anyone I meet on the road.”

Tell us more about your inspiration in modifying this bike?

“Most of my accessories are Racing Boy parts and upgrades. When there are new parts from Racing Boy I just have to have it, so I thought to myself,

why not have my decals that is Racing Boy themed?

Even up to now I’m still excited for new upgrades from Racing Boy.”

What are your future plans on the bike?

“I’m thinking of changing my decals. I have my eye on a replica of the sun and moon of VR46. I had my RB decals for more than 2 years now and I think it’s time for a change. With regards to my engine I’m planning to have it balanced as to lessen vibrations at high rpm. This will optimize the performance of the engine converting the wasted energy from vibration into useful torque. Also an upgrade on the stock gear ratio will give my mistress an added oomph for those who will challenge her on the road.” (Editor’s note: Be safe and be defensive on the road, always).

What do you get out of modifying?

“I love tinkering with my bike. It gives me a certain high when I’m adding new accessories to my mistress. Also when I see the look in people’s eyes as they admire my bike as they ask about it. And the praises, the praises gives me a sort of satisfaction and fulfilment enough to make me say, ‘Money well spent’.”

Do you plan on joining bike shows in the future?

“Well yeah but I’m thinking of using a different bike for it. It’s hard to maintain a show bike specially if it is used on a daily basis. But me and my D’mistress are actually preparing to join endurance challenges.”

Do you get any reactions from people when they see your bike and what do they usually tell you?“They tell me, “Anggandanamanng motor mo.” Then they will ask who did my decals and ask about how much I had spent on it. Where did I have my rear set made? What sort of upgrade I have on the engine, among others. So yes. Yes I get all sort of reactions when people see my bike. Fortunately they are all good ones.”

Any message to IR readers?

“Riding and modifying bikes is enjoying at the same time. It’s a good hobby – you meet new friends and go to places you’ve never been to. It is risky and costly but it is a great experience. Thank you IR Magazine. God bless and to all co-riders, Ride Safe,

Ride Fast and Godspeed!”



Parts and Accesories Used:

  • Racing Boy oil filter cover
  • Racing Boy crankcase cover
  • Racing Boy chain guard
  • Racing Boy chain tensioner
  • Racing Boy S1 levers
  • Racing Boy 4 piston caliper front
  • Racing Boy 300mm alloy disc
  • Racing Boy 2 piston brake system rear
  • Racing Boy 5 spokes lightened mag wheel
  • Racing Boy stabilizer
  • Racing Boy S1 levers
  • Racing Boy bar end
  • AHM M1 muffler
  • Modified winker and tail lights
  • Gaz-i suspension rear
  • Decals by Darkbenz
  • Uma superhead set
  • Uma block 62mm
  • Uma carb 30mm
  • Uma quick throttle
  • Uma breather
  • Stainless Rearset