2nd Jariel’s Peak Uphill Climb Challenge – King of the Hill

Date posted on October 25, 2015
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Organized by Adventure Team Philippines (ATPI), the Jariel’s Peak Uphill Climb Challenge is a motorcycle race-against-time from the starting point 30 kilometers down in Infanta up to the end point at Jariel’s Peak. Riders are to be sent-off at 1-minute intervals and timed individually. In this kind of challenge, riders are classified according to their motorcycle displacement and bike category. Riders with the fastest time will be the champion in their
respective categories.

In this unique kind of challenge, although not everyone will be the fastest and not everyone could be crowned the “King of the Hill”, the one–of-a-kind experience it will bring to the participants and fans will surely make everyone a winner.

The second season of the Uphill Climb Challenge will be on December 6, 2015.
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