147KM/L Record Shatters the Existing Story of the Yamaha Sight Safe Run

Date posted on May 17, 2019
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Manila’s record of 129km/L and Cagayan De Oro’s 133km/L were wiped out by the Bicolanos. Following the first leg of Yamaha Sight Safe Run in Rizal is another record-breaking story which took place in Legazpi, Albay.

This competition let the riders feel the fuel-efficiency at its finest, showcasing the motorcycle that is specially designed for high performance with low fuel cost. Aside from this, the Yamaha Sight Safe Run also promotes safety in motorcycle riding and handling which is important to make the rider more responsible on the road. They will experience the right amount of efficiency and a proper way of riding with the Yamaha Sight.


Yamaha Sight Safe Run Legazpi top ten


Through the partnership of Yamaha Motor Philippines and Motortrade, the 2nd leg had 32 participants with their own Yamaha Sight. And to make the competition more transparent and bona fide, Adventure Team Philippines was the one who organized and computed the fuel consumption as they pioneered this kind of contest in the motorcycle industry.


Yamaha Sight Safe Run Legazpi top seven


The 174km route started at the Yamaha 3S Shop Legazpi going to Petron Tobaco with a 26.3km ride, then 60.7km to Yamaha 3S Shop Iriga. After this point, they looped back to the takeoff area. The Yamaha Sight Safe Run resulted in a groundbreaking result with 18-year-old rider, Miguel Ocinar, breaking the record with his 147.46km/L consumption. He was followed by Christian Samar with 116km/L and Arnold Lingas with 114.47km/L.


Yamaha Sight Safe Run Legazpi winner

Yamaha Sight Safe Run Legazpi second placer

Yamaha Sight Safe Run third placer


In the media category, Brando Rosales from MotoPinas.com snatched the 1st place with his record of 112.26km/L. Joining him in the podium were the representatives of C! Magazine, Maynard Marcelo (110.83km/L) and Randy Silva-Netto (103.57km/L).


Yamaha Sight Safe Run Legazpi Media Participants


A new record in the Yamaha Sight Safe Run has been set in Legazpi. See if it can be broken at the 3rd leg in Naga this coming May 19,2019.

Words and Photos by Yamaha Motor Philippines