4S1M, the only Filipino-Owned Team to Race Further!

Date posted on March 10, 2023
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4S1M EVO Yamaha had its team presentation on March 9 at Light of Love Events Place in Quezon City. Filipino rider John Emerson Inguito and Indonesian Gupita Kresna were introduced and their race bikes with new livery were unveiled as well in front of motoring media, moto vloggers, partners and sponsors. 4S1M is continuing its partnership with Yamaha Motor Philippines in the 2023 racing season and this year is also being supported by Evo Helmets.



Inguito and Kresna have delivered well for 4S1M Yamaha in 2022 where in the team was hailed as the fourth overall in the team standings. Inguito had two podium finishes in 2022 as he placed third in the second round’s Race 2 in Malaysia, third in Race 1 of the third round in Japan and he also finished fourth in Race 1 of round 4 held in Malaysia again. Kresna, on the other hand, got third place in Race 1 of Round 2 and was the polesitter in the fourth round.




John Emerson Inguito


Gupita Kresna

With force, speed and one momentum, 4S1M EVO Yamaha is set to conquer the best of Asia once again and hunt for racing glory. The racing talent and skills of Inguito and Kresna combined with the passion and determination of the team headed by Mr. Mark Tan are a force to be reckoned with in Asian racing.


4S1M Team owner Mr. Mark Tan (4th from right) with sponsors Yamaha Motor Philippines, EVO Helmets and Imprint Customs

Here is the press release of the team:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”, heard this African proverb? Well, 4S1M Racing Team put it so much to heart that it became the team’s basis for its main rally for the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship 2023 Season Launching! Here’s how going together made this Filipino-owned team set itself up to Race Further this 2023:


Driven by Force: Hardworking, talented, & dedicated people inclined towards motorsports formed the pillars of 4S1M Racing Team. When the Adrenaline to be part of an international racing competition bites into the team’s core, this strongly driven racing maverick eliminate and minimize flaws through trial and error producing the best results this 2023 season. The team headed by Mr. Mark Clinton Tan, also believed that passion and determination will not only set them to race further internationally but help them showcase more Filipino talents moving forward.


L-R: Mr. Jeff Alvarez (4S1M Marketing and Communications), John Emerson Inguito, 4S1M Team owner Mr. Mark Tan, Gupita Kresna and Ergus Oie

Bonded by Speed: Be ready for the comeback of the unbreakable duo – John Emerson “The Hitman” Inguito and Gupita Kresna, as they stroke the ARRC racetrack. This tandem of a locally renowned underbone king and an internationally acclaimed underbone wonder is the best formula to claim the championship title. Over the years, JE Inguito and Gupita Kresna have formed a brotherly bond for speed and racing which makes them unstoppably represent 4S1M Racing Team!


Racing in One Momentum: Two famous brands both loved by local and international racers partnered with 4S1M Racing Team to complete the pool of talented racing top guns – Yamaha and EVO helmets. Pacing at one momentum, Yamaha’s Sniper 150 will secure the team’s performance to rise above the rest while EVO helmets focus on providing the highest quality of protection to the riders while on the racetrack.


With all this set up, 4S1M EVO Yamaha Racing Team is set to race further this March 22-24 at Chang International Circuit, Thailand. For updates, visit 4S1M Racing Team on Facebook.

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