A Rouser Like no Other: Kawasaki Rouser Street Fighter

Date posted on July 22, 2019
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One of the popular motorcycles in our country is the Kawasaki Rouser. Once it blasted through the Philippine market, Pinoys were instantly hooked. There’s something about naked bikes that really strikes a chord in Filipino riders because it exudes masculinity and a sense of bravado.

The Rouser is not an easy bike to modify as there are no ready-made aftermarket parts to fit the bike. If you want your Rouser to stand out, you must undergo the painstaking process of custom-machining and fabrication to get the look that you want.


Kawasaki Rouser 220 Street Fighter

Owner: Robert “John” Olivares

Club: ARousers Club Cebu

Parts’ Details:

  • SPD motard rims: NEW
  • Brembo big disk rotor: NEW
  • Custom-machined Honda hubs: NEW
  • Custom fabricated tire hugger: NEW
  • Rear disk break (custom-made): NEW
  • FZ16 headlight
  • Protaper low riser handlebars
  • DBS mono shock
  • Custom-machined risers with custom-machined clamps
  • DBS passenger footrest
  • Custom mounting bracket
  • Custom-made undertail exhaust pipe
  • Custom engine cowl
  • Custom fender eliminator
  • Custom paint multi-color: Pearl Black
  • Custom seat
  • New Carbon fiber pattern stickers
  • Custom-made tubular chassis (Inspired by Ducati)
  • NUI Racing brake & clutch lever
  • Hard chrome parts

That’s what Robert Olivares did for his bike. Robert is an SPA receptionist by trade but he has a deep fascination for naked bikes and the European street fighter bikes. Once he got his Rouser 220, he had a lot of ideas he wanted to integrate into his bike. There were no ready-made aftermarket parts and accessories for the Rouser so he had to custom-make everything to fit his bike. He really wanted the bike to look aggressive and he wanted it to be agile. Eventually, he pursued the street fighter naked bike look.

So from InsideRACING this is for all the Bajaj Pulsar or Kawasaki Rouser enthusiasts all over the country.

*This article was published in InsideRACING’s  Volume 10 Number 9  2012 issue.