Aerox Club Philippines: Yamaha Club’s Largest Group Celebrates its 7th Year!

Date posted on October 25, 2023
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Since the founding of the Yamaha Club in 2010, Yamaha Motor Philippines envisions it to be the official riding community of every Filipino who chooses to start their journey with the brand. Throughout the years, different club groups have begun their way to be part of the Yamaha Club, one of which is the Aerox Club Philippines.







8 The ACP was formed in 2017 when Yamaha Motor Philippines launched the most sought-after automatic motorcycle – the Mio Aerox. They began with a few members and an aspiration to build a group where everyone could share their experience of riding the fastest AT. Now, reaching 16,000 members, ACP commemorates its 7th year anniversary this year with Yamaha Motor Philippines. The celebration was held at Baguio Convention Center with hundreds of ACP riders, they got to enjoy the activity booths, games, and a program filled with entertainment and raffle prizes.





IMG_6511 During the program, YMPH expressed its gratitude for the support of ACP throughout the years and how this club group never fails to appreciate the brand and its effort to connect with customers. As the largest group in YClub, ACP received a plaque of recognition and an honorarium from YMPH symbolizing their unwavering brand loyalty.

10 IMG_5870 IMG_5928 IMG_5915 Overall, the event shows the celebration of friendship, riding passion, and how far Yamaha can go to support each and everyone, not just in riding activities, but also in remembering their club’s milestones.

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Yamaha Motor Philippines

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