Aerox Connected Launched by Yamaha Indonesia

Date posted on November 10, 2020
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PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg. launched the All New Aerox 155 Connected on November 2.

It is said to be “the answer to the mobility needs of those who are young at heart through improvements in design, features, and performance in providing a more enjoyable and proud driving sensation.”

The All New Aerox 155 Connected has the Y-Connect feature which is able to connect the rider’s smartphone with a motorbike via Bluetooth. Riders can easily get information related to phone notifications and incoming messages on the motorbike dashboard, fuel consumption information, information on the last parking location when connected to the application, maintenance recommendations that show the condition of the battery and oil, malfunction notifications to the Revs Dashboard feature. The Y-Connect application also has a Rank feature that is entertaining for consumers to enjoy their riding activities, because they can compete with fellow CCU model users (Yamaha motorbikes that have the Y-Connect feature) in terms of mileage and eco riding points.

new full digital speedometer

The new Aerox has a Liquid-cooled Total New Blue Core 155cc engine, equipped with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology which makes torque evenly distributed in every engine speed. This new engine is capable of producing a maximum power of 11.3kW / 8,000rpm and a maximum torque of 13.9Nm / 6,500rpm which makes the All New Aerox 155 Connected the best performance and Power to Weight Ratio (PWR) in its class. Its engine is also equipped with a Smart Motor Generator (SMG) so that the motor starter is smooth and the Stop and Start System* (SSS) which reduces unnecessary fuel consumption when the motor is stopped.

ASEAN best sporty scooter

With a combination of the racy characteristics of a sports bike and the practicality and comfort of driving a scooter, the new Aerox 155 Connected  is perfect for active, stylish riders. Design-wise, it has a strong Super Sport DNA. This can be seen from the presence of a full faring concept on the right and left of the motorbike with a very aerodynamic design, coupled with the design of the LED lights on the front and rear which are now sharper and wider and are equipped with DRL (Daytime Running Light).

fully faired aerodynamic look
new LED head & tail light

The seat is designed to make it more comfortable to ride. The All New Aerox 155 Connected also adopts a digital speedometer with a new, more attractive design, as well as an integrated rear handle that makes it easier for consumers to adjust the position of the motorbike when the engine is off (adjusting the parking position). It is also equipped with Sub Tank Suspension* for optimal damping and tubeless tires with wide treads for a more stable feeling of riding.

comfortable tandem seat
sporty-integrated rear handle grip
twin sub-tank suspension
super wide tubeless tire

The new Aerox also has a Smart Key System* which is a keyless locking system and an Electric Power Socket for charging smartphone batteries. There is also an Anti-lock Braking System* (ABS) feature which further optimizes the braking system on the motorbike. To support high cruising range, the tank capacity is also increased to 5.5 liters. Meanwhile, to accommodate quite a lot of luggage, the All New Aerox 155 Connected is equipped with a large trunk.

keyless (Smart Key System)
electric power socket
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
5.5L fuel tank capacity
spacious baggage

It also has a Handlebar Switch Control which makes it easier for the rider to choose the display of information and settings on the speedometer (the control button is on the left handle) and the Hazard Lamp as a sign when the driver is in an emergency.

handlebar switch control
hazard lamp

The new Aerox is available in two types, namely the All New Aerox 155 Connected / ABS and the All New Aerox 155 Connected. 

The All New Aerox 155 Connected / ABS comes in two special colors (Prestige Silver and Maxi Signature Black). 

Meanwhile, the All New Aerox 155 Connected type is offered with 4 color choices (Dark Gray Yellow, Matte Black Cyan, Red and Black).

The All New Aerox 155 Connected / ABS sells for IDR 29,000,000 and the All New Aerox 155 Connected for IDR 25,500,000.

* Only available on the All New Aerox Connected / ABS variant

credit: Yamaha Motor Indonesia

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