All new Honda BeAT unveiled!

Date posted on December 4, 2016
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Honda has been unveiling new breed of motorcycles for the Gen-S since last year. The company introduced its scooter lineup that includes the All-New Click 125i, Zoomer X, BeAT-FI (ISS), the Standard BeAT, and just last night, the All-New BeAT. These scooters give the Gen-S riders the right reasons to soothe their high expectations for excellent engine performance, affordability, and style.

The All-New Honda BeAT guarantees excellent performance for its 110cc liquid-cooled engine as part of the groundbreaking Honda Smart Technology with enhanced Smart Power (eSP) features. It also has advanced environment and safety features including the Idling Stop System (ISS) wherein the engine automatically stops and produces zero exhaust emissions during brief stops, adding to its superb fuel efficiency. It also features the Combined Brake System (CBS) for optimum braking balance between the rear and front tires.

The Honda display at the Mall of Asia would be until Christmas day.

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