‘Burger ng Bayan’ Sasabak sa MotoIR3 All Star!

Date posted on August 25, 2021
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The new 2021 Motul MotoIR3 Championships is slowly but surely gaining a traction to casual racing fans. As our top Pinoy riders get ready to battle soon, companies both in and out of the industry have began to get behind their racing programs.

Over 1,000 branches nationwide

The popular budget burger chain, Angel’s Burger, has just sealed a deal with Watanabe Racing Development (WRD) to run multi-PSBK Champion and former ARRC racer Dashi Watanabe in the championship that will exclusively use eligible MiniGP racebikes.

Dashi Watanabe

Last July,  Watanabe won the first of two All Star exihibition races were local champions, international racers and top guns of the Philippine racing scene competed. Top level superbike racers in Europe and America use miniGP bikes to train as they cannot always ride their superbikes. The miniGP bikes require similar riding techniques to go fast that can be applied to much bigger and faster race bikes.  

Another branch opening!

Angel’s Burger is a family-owned burger chain founded by the Mr. Joseph Mojica and Mrs. Victoria Mojica. It serves delicious sandwiches at very affordable prices, true to it’s  slogan, “Ang Burger ng Bayan”. It now boasts more than 1000 branches nationwide.

Angel’s Burger Group of Companies President
Mr. Carlo Mojica

“Our best-seller is our Buy 1 Take 1 Burger. Ang misyon po kasi ng Angel’s Burger ay makapag-silbi at makapag-serve ng murang pagkain sa mga kababayan nating Pilipino na medyo kapos ang kita at kailangan maka-hanap ng mura pero masarap na makakain. Ito pong misyon po na to ay totoo kahit sang lugar sa Pilipinas. Kaya po Burger Ng Bayan, ” said Angel’s Burger Group of Companies President Mr. Carlo Mojica.


Masarap at mura na pagkain para sa mga Pilipino.

We asked why they entered racing to which he replied, “Ako po talaga ang fan ng racing mapa-kotse o mapa-motor man yan. Basta po may gulong at makina kinakahiligan po natin.  Bilib po kami kay Dashi, may napatunayan na and we feel he can represent our brand well and improve Angel Burger’s awareness sa ating mga kababayan dahil madami siyang fans. At napakarami po sa aming suki ang naka motor din!”

Meanwhile, Dashi Watanabe recently released photos of his MotoIR3 bike dressed in Angel Burger’s trademark colors.

He remarked,  “Masaya ako kasi nagtiwala ang Angel’s Burger and si Mr. Mojica sa akin. Maganda itong MotoIR3 dahil sa nabibigay na exposure sa amin at sa team. Looking forward ang WRD team na ipakilala ang Angel’s Burger sa mga riders and fans. Maganda rin ang rules ng MotoIR3 kasi equal ang mga bikes so skills at tamang maintenance at tuning ang labanan. Affordable pa!  Excited na kami! ” 

Dashi is also supported by Motul, KYT and Alpinestars.

The Motul MotoIR All Star Series will have 5 rounds in 2021 racing with the Super Series and MotoIR events. All races will be streamed live.

You can watch again enjoy the first race here.

Meanwhile race fans, alam n’yo na kung saan kayo kakain ng burger next ride! Let’s support brands who support our passion.

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