Aug 23, 2008 – InsideRacing Track Days at Carmona

Date posted on January 12, 2009
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InsideRACING magazine, the country’s first motorcycle and scooter magazine and a leading supporter of local motorcycle racing, is proud to announce another project designed to promote safety among the speed-inclined riders.

Race on the Track and Not on the Streets!
It has always been InsideRACING’s mission to discourage aggressive riding on public roads and illegal racing. For almost five years now, IR has helped open the eyes of many riders to the wonderful and exciting world of organized racing on the safety of a race track. Many of them have actually joined these events to satisfy their need for speed. We strongly believe that speed belongs inside a racetrack.

However, not all want to participate in an actual race because of fear of competition, peer pressure or simply due to the relatively high cost of participation. Many of them still choose to test their skills and machines’ abilities on public roads thus, exposing themselves to unnecessary risks and dangers.

A track day is an organized event where people can ride their motorcycles and scooters on a racetrack. It is open to all riders of all bikes and sizes. A rider arrives, registers, pays a minimal fee, passes a motorcycle and safety gears inspection, attends a Safety Briefing and then will be given lapping sessions on the racetrack. They can ride around as fast as their skill and bike can take them without worrying that an errand jeepney or truck will be going the other way. There are no traffic enforcers, no pedestrians, no animals or unexpected potholes to endanger the riders. There are no winners, no trophies and no pressures as well.
Riders can just go fast and satisfy their need for speed, ride with friends or club mates and just have fun!

IR Track Days will also give a chance for riders to lap the track with complete safety support. The Carmona Race Track is safer than public roads with run-off areas and barriers. Furthermore, our event will have track marshals, an ambulance, and a doctor on site, timetable and an inspection of the motorcycle and safety gears. The riders will also be grouped according to riding skills and will have equal multiple sessions during the day with enough rest periods between sessions.

Rider Groups:
1.Hobby – No track experienced
2.Beginner – With track experience/Beginner racers
3.Experienced – Novice racers
4.Pro – Expert Racers

Rider Fee: P300 for three (3) 15 min sessions.
A limit of 25 riders per session will be sent out on the track

IR Track Days will enable more riders to ride on a track with minimal expense. They will be able to ride to their abilities further than they can dare do on the streets. By riding at their limit in a safe environment, they will learn more about their skills and bike’s limitations. They will also be able to exchange information and learn from other riders. Hopefully, after experiencing a track day, many will eventually realize that aggressive riding on the streets is indeed dangerous and makes no sense at all.