Back to Bazziks V2 Champ- Ishida

Date posted on December 15, 2018
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Check out this champion bike at the recently concluded Back 2 Bazziks Motor Show in Magalang, Pampanga.



It certainly stood out among the rest as it deservedly took home the Best in Show title. Initially, it was bought by Alvin Bagsic Juan just for personal use and to serve as his brother’s service vehicle in school. But when his brother graduated, Alvin started to slowly modify some parts of his Raider.




It is certainly not easy, not to mention the huge cost it entails. But then one day, upon the influence of his group Cabiao Raider 150 Club, he joined a motor show in his hometown and he won Best in Engine Display in his very first try.



This gave him a lot of motivation along with his inspiration, a bike named Kidlat owned by Andy Avital from Laguna and modified by Manuel Magpantay from Batangas. From then on, heal ways got several awards in every motor show that he joined in. The highest award in most motor shows is called the Best of Show and he has won this award several times as well. Alvin shared with us, “I believe that Ishida achieved this award because of my creative thinking and with the help of my brother and friends in maintaining its cleanliness and in taking care of all the parts of my Raider. My future plan is to continuously join motor shows and to have more modification upgrades be done to inspire and entertain more people and make new friends as well.”



MODIFICATIONS Suzuki Raider 150


Parts and Accessories Used:


  • Racing Boy handlebar V2
  • Racing Boy hydraulic
  • Racing Boy side mirror
  • Racing Boy steering damper
  • Racing Boy caliper 4 piston V4 front/rear
  • Racing Boy disc alloy
  • Racing Boy rear set
  • Racing Boy handgrip
  • Racing Boy lever grip
  • Racing Boy engine slider
  • Racing Boy swing arm
  • Racing Boy bar end
  • Racing Boy stabilizer
  • Racing Boy frame cover
  • Racing Boy GTR side stand
  • Tupaknam shoe side stand
  • Racing Boy washer
  • CNC crankcase slider
  • CNC center nut
  • CNC grab bar
  • CNC crankcase cover
  • Chrome oil cooler cover
  • Racing Boy oil filter cover
  • TTGR outer tube
  • MKN Hub
  • Spyder rim set
  • Chrome head, leg shield, tail garnish
  • DK tappet cover
  • Racing Boy fluid tank
  • Racing Boy chain cover
  • Racing Boy chain tensioner
  • Racing Boy monoshock
  • Sinnob sprocket
  • A crylic seat assy
  • Daeng pipe
  • Morrin brake hose front/rear
  • Transparent underneath
  • Racing Boy emblem
  • Raider 150 emblem
  • KOSO quick throttle

Handler: Allan Bagsic Juan and Aison Ortiz Motor

Concept: Red Chrome/Racing Boy Hardcore