Barrier not mandatory for backriders from the same household in areas under GCQ

Date posted on August 18, 2020
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The controversial barrier is no longer required for all riders living in the same household and is not anymore restricted to couples or partners, in areas under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) starting Wednesday.

Previously, backriding is only allowed for couples or legal partners living in the same house and using the prescribed barriers.

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The motorcycle community (Riders Of the Philippines), the motorcycle industry (Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association) and even the engineering professionals (Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers) have voiced concerns and issued public statements regarding the barriers’ safety and its effectiveness in stopping the spread of the virus as well as the financial burden the riders bear for the barrier.

These groups have strongly asked the government for reconsideration of the policy that took effect last August 1.

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The Joint Task Force COVID Shield approved these new policies today along with other measures for protocols in motorcycle backriding.

Also, for areas under GCQ, even riders who are not living in the same house can now backride provided that they use the prescribed Angkas designed barrier.

Angkas approved barrier is now required for riders who are not from the same household

The backrider must be an Authorized Person Outside of Residence (APOR), while the driver may not be. Both rider and passenger are required to wear face mask and full-face helmet with shield and the motorcycle to be used should be privately owned.

For those areas under Modified General Community Quarantine or MGCQ, LGU’s have the option to implement this policy depending on the situation in their areas.

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