BEST 3 Motor Parts and Accessories Products Picked by Top Trade Specialist

Date posted on March 12, 2021
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For our newbies on the road, who are looking for their first big motor fix-up, we talked to a motor product trade specialist for their recommendations on parts and accessories that are essential for long motor life. Marketall Trade Specialist Inc. has been around for 10 years distributing a large range of premium motor products for the answer. Browse their large catalogue of motor items by visiting them on their Lazada or Shopee Page!

NGK Spark Plugs is perfectly suited specifically for Philippine weather. As a tropical country, temperatures can reach dangerously high points that can affect devices and motors alike. NGK Spark Plugs Iridium IX is a top choice because it’s built to last against the hottest of days. It’s best suited for performance enthusiast riders looking for smooth acceleration. Get 10% off when you buy via Marketall’s Anniversary Sale now happening on their online stores.

Bendix Brake Pads is number 2 on Marketall’s list. Brake pad wear is an understated safety hazard. Bendix Brake Pads are highly fade resistant with consistent pedal feel to ensure master-level stop control. Bendix Brake Pads are now just [insert price here] during the #MarketallAt10 Anniversary Sale.

Lastly, all motorists looking to replace their oil chain can never go wrong by choosing D.I.D Roller Chain. D.I.D Roller Chain are high-quality chains all the way from Japan. Created by top technicians, this chain is suited for top performance and heavy use of motors. Try it out with a 10% discount for the D.I.D Roller Chain also available in Marketall’s online channels.

Marketall’s 10 year anniversary sale is happening now until March 16, 2021. Give your motor some loving this post-valentine season, with premium parts and accessories from only the best.

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credit: Marketall

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