Big Bike-inspired Yamaha Sniper from Santander

Date posted on April 15, 2021
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The bike was built by Team Philipj, a show bike building team based in the municipality of Santander, Cebu. The team is led by Philip Mondragon, a businessman. Santander is the southernmost municipality of Cebu at 137 km (85 mi) by road, with the travel time taking 3½-4 hours. It is also one of the locations of sea ports that connect to the province of Negros Oriental. This municipality is known for its Tostado Festival. The town was originally called Tañong, but as the Spaniards came, it was renamed Santander, after the city on the northern (Atlantic) coast of Spain. The town was established in 1867.


It was indeed fascinating to encounter a very talented team in the realm of underbone show bike building from a much unexpected place. Santander is well known for its spectacular beach resorts and agriculture produce. Distance is also a factor since they are very far away from central Cebu so logistics would be a big factor especially keeping up with the latest parts, accessories and trends. But Team Philipj has found a way to overcome this factor. They are indeed becoming trend setters and crowd favorites in the motor shows they are joining. Santander has a booming bike modifying culture that is thriving and bringing a whole new level of competition in the Visayas motor show competition scene. Team Philipj is bringing its own unique style and flair whenever they take part in motor show competitions all over the Visayas region.


The team went to great lengths to make it unique and jaw dropping. The bike sports a striking white and red color combination, similar to Ducati sportbikes. It has a VFR400 Pro Arm with mags at the rear and front with dual disc rotors. The team also upgraded the front brake system by using Yamaha R6 caliper for the dual disc rotors at the front with gold bolts. For the rear brake system, they used Brembo caliper secured with gold bolts. They also utilized Earls brake hose at the front and rear with banjo bolts titanium and gold bolts.


To stay true to the big bike theme, the team used Pirelli tires 100/70-16 at the front and140/70-17 at the rear. They upgraded the exhaust system to an AHM mp3 full titanium system secured using gold bolts. They modified the stock headlight unit to a Yamaha Mio 125 MXi head cowl set with handlebar.


To give the bike more character, they installed bar end mirrors also secured with gold bolts. The team also used Yamaha transparent crankcase version 1, Hyper clutch,Boushi Thailand sliders, gold cup oil cover, RCB oil filter, Boushi Thailand single shifter, KOSO side stand with gold spring and gold bolts chain SSS 428, and Yamaha radiator cover.


“Most of the parts were not plug and play so I and my mechanic were always at the drawing board seeking for the best fitments of parts and set up. It’s hard and challenging and we had to do a ton of custom machine work to integrate those parts to the bike. It’s a lot of hard work but it’s worth it especially when you hear people’s appreciation to the bike that we have built and the concept that we have brought to life,” shared Philip.


“First of all I would like to thank God for everything! Thank you to my mother, my sister and her family for the moral support, My mechanic Junrey Saloma for the time and the sleepless nights, my best friend Arzol Oril who inspired me to join the first motor show of my Sniper 150 MXi and the support “the back and forth service” in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, my best friend June Rey Pacot for the support and being “the back and forth service” day and night, Mayor Marilyn Wenceslao and Vice-mayor Wilson Wenceslao for the support in my first appearance of my Sniper 150 at SM Seaside City in Cebu, my national group Pro Arm Philippines Society, JBT family and SouthSide/FDracing, Karl Sanico, Zonehatjai, Archie “Chicol” Lamberte and Mr. Arnel B. Santos-Yñigo and Mr. Al Camba of InsideRACING Magazine for this opportunity. God bless us all,” Philip expressed.

Parts and Accessories Used:

VFR400 Pro Arm with mags (rear and front with dual rotor disc)

Yamaha R6 Caliper for dual rotor disc at the front with gold bolts

Brembo caliper for the rear with gold bolts

Earls brake hose (front and rear) with banjo bolts titanium and gold bolts

Pirelli front tire (size 100/70-16)

Pirelli rear tire (size 140/70-17)

Shark factory Tpost

Customized bracket/boots for Yamaha R6 Caliper (left and right)

Customized front fender (fiber made)

Ducati paddocks stand

Mody5 owl eye version 1

Yamaha Mio 125 MXi head cowl set with handlebar

Arriete hand grip

Active quick throttle with gold elbow

Bar end mirror with gold bolts (chrome silver by: Chromedazzler)

Cognac brake and clutch lever

Brembo gold reservoir cup (front and rear)

Smoke reservoir front and rear

Reservoir two-tone bracket titanium/gold with gold bolts

KOSO voltmeter

Noi watdan 24 set

Colored switch


Rizoma signal light with Posh washer

Yamaha transparent crankcase version 1 with gold bolts (chrome silver by: Chromedazzler)

Hyper clutch with gold bolts

Boushi Thailand slider (chrome red and silver by: Chromedazzler)

Gold cup oil cover

RCB oil filter

Boushi Thailand Single shifter with gold bolts (chrome red and silver by: Chromedazzler)

AHM mp3 full titanium system muffler with gold bolts on bracket and gold bolts for locked pipe

KOSO side stand with gold spring and gold bolts

Chain SSS 428

Yamaha radiator cover

Eagle eye strobe lights

All body screw (gold bolts)

16 LED lights converted to red and white

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