Blitz: Tribal Concept Suzuki Skydrive

Date posted on July 28, 2021
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Regner Manahan, a businessman from Lipa, Batangas owns Blitz, a heavily modified Suzuki Skydrive.

January 2017 when Regner joined a motor/car show held during his hometown’s fiesta and he attended together with a good friend who is also a huge motor enthusiast. He got hooked up and couldn’t stop modifying motorcycles from there on.

For Regner, modifying/custom-building bikes is like a drug, it’s too addictive to stop. Blitz took roughly 3 years to be what it is now and he thinks modification is a never ending process, you will always find something new to add or even to change. “It’s like science actually. There will always an evolution, a new technology to make it better. The most memorable moments for me in this industry is whenever I gain new friends and that is what I can say the most rewarding thing in this journey. Of course, this journey doesn’t always come with good things and there are also bumps and curves. Some shows don’t always go as smoothly as you want it to be. Sometimes there are things that are difficult to troubleshoot and that will be very frustrating but those things are what make you strive to do better next time,” explained Regner.

Modifying bikes is Regner’s only vice. He added, “Building a concept from scratch is exhilarating, you make a vision and turn it into a goal and once you reach that goal, the feeling is unexplainable, success is not just winning but knowing that I did reach my goal with hard work.”

Regner plans to build, build and build more unique setups for Blitz.

“This industry is not for the weak hearted so I salute all builders and enthusiasts! Let us not give up this
industry even during these trying times. Let us all be safe because motor shows are waiting at the end of this pandemic. I want to thank God for giving me protection every day, my family and my partner Xylene Joyce Morales. Special thanks to Jhay De Castro my partner for every show and to all my friends and motorcycle enthusiasts for their never ending support and faith in me that this project bike will be a success. They are the ones who help me focus on my goal and lift me up whenever I feel like giving up,” shared Regner.

Parts and Accessories Used:

• Full Tribal airbrush (inner/outer fairings)
• Converted Leivenger gold chrome mags
• digital gauge
• sound setup
• 10″ extended engine support
• modified air filter
• acrylic seat
• RCB lever
• RCB grip
• modified center shock bracket
• TTGR racing front shock
• spiral Gatling gun pipe

photos provided by Regner Manahan

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 19 Number 5

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