2018 Honda XRM Ride Review

Date posted on December 14, 2018
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In the many years that the XRM has been in the market, there have been several models that are all still loved by the ordinary Filipino like the XRM 110, XRM 125, XRM Motard, XRM DSX, and the current fuel-injected model, this bike, no matter how it is styled,  is still distinctly Honda. It is a perfect combination of functionality, reliability, and also the good image of Honda.

Mr. Al Camba

Among the four brand icons, we can consider the XRM to be the workhorse. It’s being sold all over the country, especially in the provinces – where dual-sport bikes are preferred – meaning you can use it at the highways and even on rough roads.

The bike that we used is the Fi version and this takes the legend of the XRM to a whole new different level. We usually include complete technical specs in the write-up but for this one, we guess that’s not where we will focus on because this bike performs much more than what the spec sheet would tell us. It became popular since it is easy to operate – automatic clutch plus you can use it for whatever purpose and this bike will not complain, not even one bit.

 CRF-designed headlight: You’re all set to conquer roads with an aggressive headlight design.

Then it’s popularity crossed over to the major cities, because of the bike’s performance and distinct look – not so much for the maporma racing look, but for the pormang Pinoy. Plus you could customize it too, with accessories and aftermarket parts scattered all throughout, even in the smallest shops in remote towns. When you get to ride in the provinces, observe enough and you will see a lot of Honda XRM plying the streets.

New Meter Panel with Fi Indicator: All the necessary riding information that you need can be seen from the redesigned meter panel.

Not just the students, but even the farmers, or those living in mountainous areas would all be having a different variant of XRM. This is very popular because whatever you do, the bike seems always to follow you. It is very simple to operate, well at least for most of the previous versions since it is automatic clutch. You can choose your gears without pressing the clutch – making it perfect for beginners and for seasoned riders. It is very reliable. People from the province would even use mountain tires, attesting to the reliability of the engine. So whether you use this for city driving or for riding in far-flung places, you know that this bike will not fail you.

Front Fender: Set the trend with the durable and polished front fender

The XRM is a Brand Icon because of its uniqueness that was embraced by the Filipinos. It is an on road and an off-road bike in one and when you see a similarly styled motorcycle, the first one that comes to mind will still be the XRM.

CRF-inspired sticker: New attractive and stylish CRF-inspired sticker sets your mood for spirited rides.

For the longest time this is one of Honda’s models that others are consistently trying to catch up to. It has this unique style that only the XRM has – that on and off-road style that is quite original here in the Philippines. Some have tried to replicate this style, to no avail.

Front and rear disk brakes with new stylish alloy wheels: Keep your style rolling on the streets with the new stylish alloy wheels.

Nothing can beat the handling of the XRM. After the Honda Cub, the Honda XRM followed on its footsteps, even after so many versions and variants, it still looks basically the same. We’ve had the XRM 110, XRM 125, XRM Motard, XRM DSX, or even the newer fuel-injected model, whether there are slight changes in its appearance, that look is still distinctly Honda XRM and still the legend lives on.

Philip Bonza “The XRM has a new engine. It is the ever reliable and famous underbone model in the country. It has a special place in the hearts of the Filipinos. In any province I go, there is always an XRM out there. It is also used as habal-habal in other areas and can carry 2-4 persons on off-road and in remote areas to the hills. This proves that no terrain can stop the XRM. Riding this XRM model feels so light and it is easy to maneuver. The motorcycle is copied by many but only the XRM is the top choice of many. The combination of street and off-road style really makes the XRM different and its perfect ergonomics makes it loved by many. No tall or small rider can’t fall in love with its simple look and style and the comfortable riding experience it gives. Now on its new look and FI engine, the XRM is still in the taste of the young and new generation of riders. The wide and naked handlebar with off-road style front fender matches the long front forks and makes it unique in design with the combination of the sleek rear end and the sharp edges on the body fairing. The XRM stands out among the rest of the underbone models. The Honda Cub model is the reliable, famous and the number 1 all over the world while here in our country, the XRM is our own version of a famous, reliable and number 1 motorcycle.”

 Ricci Abrina “Against a mighty Honda XRM 125cc Fi motard version, all other brands in its class are doing “try-harder” mode. This ever reliable, most wanted and iconic Honda XRM 125 motard got even better, sexier and fuel-efficient because it is equipped with Honda’s well-known PGM-Fi fuel injection, thus, creating a bigger under seat compartment. This underbone motard variant that can handle the steepest terrains you can adventure through can get you to stop easily because of its front and rear disk brakes. Proof of this is this motorcycle is being raced in the motocross tracks in Taytay, Rizal for some time now. The unit we tested came in black beauty and striking orange that seems elegantly dressed to make a killing. The paint job and simple graphics is spot on in modernity and sportiness. The cluster of gauges and indicators are rider-friendly, the speedometer face is clear and easy to quickly glance at while speeding around tricky terrains.”

*This article was published in InsideRACING’s Volume 16 Number 6 issue 2018.