Date posted on July 4, 2014

Fresh from a record-breaking third round of the Pirelli Philippine Superbike, FDR Philippine Underbone  King and FDR Philippine Scooter Racing championships held last June 29 at the Clark International  Speedway, Petronas Philippine Motorsports Championship organizer Batangas Racing Circuit, Inc.’s Mr. Johnny Tan met with the officials of the Underbone and Scooter Racing Association (USRA) and Superbike Racing Association (SBRA), the sanctioning bodies of the series, to discuss future plans for local motorcycle road racing. The last round attracted a record number of participants in the PSBK, UBK,PSR, MotoIR, Ducati Cup, Honda One Make Races, Pirelli MotoradSBK Cup and MTRT Club Race.

“We are happy with the tremendous growth in the past two years in the sport of motorcycle road racing and we believe that this is due to our partnership with SBRA and USRA. We believe that ourchampionship series will continue to grow in the coming years,” said Mr. Tan. With him are SBRA Vice President Toti Alberto, USRA President Al Camba and USRA Director Jake Swann.

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