Carbonite: The Café Racer inspired Honda Zoomer-X

Date posted on September 19, 2020
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This is a Honda Zoomer-X inspired by the Café Culture.

The bike is owned by Saul Corcuera Roberts, a Corporate Head of Information Systems and Management for the Primary Group of Builders. It’s actually a fusion of Café Racer Culture with a hint of futurism. This scoot has undergone 3 forms before reaching its final state. Saul got inspiration from mini bikes from Thailand and Cambodia and finally it has progressed into its black/red combo accentuated by carbon fiber components. The overall color theme makes the bike look sinister and its classic inspired profile makes it a bike you want to put on a leather jacket before riding it.

“The bike came from a lot of heads put together.  My club is Zoomer Club Cebu. My closest clubmates Smarkies Moreno and Aries Martin both chimed in. I also took inspiration from Rockstell Alerta’s chromium hyper show bike. Even my Dad had his 2 cents worth put in. Some ideas were also from mini bikes in Thailand and Cambodia. I simply took all their ideas in until Carbonite was born,” Saul shared.

The bike sports super wide Hummer Mags wrapped with Pirelli Diablo tires. To accommodate the super wide mags, the team behind it installed Custom 12″ extension by JKL and custom suspension bracket by JKL. Then this was paired with YSS GPlus suspension. This gives the bike a low and stretched-out look. One of the unique features of this scoot is its exhaust system. It sports a custom-made stainless steel exhaust manifold that integrates seamlessly to a Z1000 exhaust muffler. Another unique feature of the scoot is the custom-made air cleaner pipe. The team also installed Simota air cleaners (main unit and secondary unit).

A lot of custom-made components were put in the scoot such as the custom headlight bracket, custom dual devil eye bracket, custom matte black visor, custom chrome grab bar, custom chrome side bar, custom plate number holder, and custom matte black steel plate crank cover cutout. To add to the old school Café Racer look, they wrapped the upper part of the front USD forks with Honda XR200 fork boots. Aside from that, it also sports a wide array of aftermarket goodies such as Brembo master pump, CNC shorty brake lever, Magazi Carbon Fiber side mirror, 7Speed aluminum handlebar, H2C chrome/black stunt bar, H2C transparent gas cover, H2C smoke red carrier box, Kitaco aluminum full floor panel, N01 carbon fiber pattern seats, and 3M carbon fiber body wrap to majority of the body panels, hence, the team dubbed it as “Carbonite”. What makes this scoot really special is that it is daily driven. It is not locked away and used only for show. This is Saul’s ever reliable daily driver. It is a testament to the durability and reliability of this project bike and the talent of the team behind it.

“Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of modifying bikes is when you finally finish the build and take it to the road. People honk their horns in appreciation, you get thumbs up from other drivers both in bikes and cars. A couple of times, I was stopped and asked about the bike even by CITOM and LTO.  Then, there are the motor shows that I am fortunate enough to join and win. There’s a sense of pride when other people understand and appreciate what you did. My mantra has always been form and function. No sense in modifying your bike then just loading it on a mini-van for the next show.” Saul expressed.

Saul adds, “Shoutout to Zoomer Club Cebu! Special shoutout to Raymond and Susan Roberts (erpat and ermat), my daughter Red Szuri and my fiancée Cristie Pearl. Thank you to InsideRACING Magazine for featuring my scoot. Thank you to the entire Zoomer Club Cebu team, Paul of PaulWorks, Jubal of Motofix, Alvin of Bully Concepts, Vincent of DMP, and all the enthusiasts around the world whose bike mods have provided beginner enthusiasts like me tons of inspiration. Salute!”

Parts and Accessories Used:

Brembo master pump

CNC shorty brake lever

Magazi carbon fiber side mirror

7Speed aluminum handlebar

H2C chrome/black stunt bar

H2C transparent gas cover

H2C smoke red carrier box

Kitaco aluminum full floor panel

N01 carbon fiber pattern seats

3M carbon fiber body wrap

Allwin 7″ headlight with integrated LED signal lights

Hotsystem LED backlit tachometer

3in1 electronics panel (voltmeter/lighter/USB charger)

Custom headlight bracket

Custom dual devil eye bracket

Custom matte black visor

Honda XR200 fork boots

Custom chrome grab bar

Custom chrome side bar

Custom plate number holder

Custom matte black steel plate crank cover cutout

YSS GPlus suspension

Custom 12″ extension by JKL

Custom suspension bracket by JKL

12×4 Hummer front mags with Pirelli Diablo tires

12×8 Hummer rear mags with Pirelli Diablo tires

Custom exhaust pipe manifold

Z1000 exhaust

Custom air cleaner pipe

Simota air cleaner ( main unit )

Simota air cleaner ( secondary unit )

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine’s Volume15 Number 11 issue

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