Cotabato City Will Not Implement Barrier for Back Riding

Date posted on July 13, 2020
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Cotabato City Mayor Frances Cynthia-Guiani-Sayadi approved the recommendation of Cotabato City Inter Agency Task Force NOT to implement the installation of Protective or Physical Barrier for motorcycle back riding.

Cotabato City Mayor Frances Cynthia-Guiani-Sayadi

According to City Composite Quarantine Team Vice Chair retired General Rolen Balquin, one of the biggest reason why they are against the barrier installation on motorcycles is that it will create additional financial burden to the riders.

It was also noted that the barrier, if implememted might cause accidents and will create problems during refuelling.

Because of this, the Cotabato City Inter Agency Task Force formally withdrew the implementation of the barrier. However, they still require riders to wear face mask and other Personal Protective Equipment or PPE.

Cotabato City had no active COVID cases for three weeks until it registered 4 cases which came form LSIs or Locally Stranded Individuals that arrived from Manila on July 8.

Mayor Guiani-Sayadi is the latest of a number of LGU officials who have expressed concern and hesitation of the implementation of the backriding barriers on grounds on safety and cost burden to the riding public.

Source: Brigada News

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