Dadiangas Classics of General Santos City

Date posted on September 18, 2020
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It all started with a chance meeting along the street between the two founders who appreciated each other’s bikes and the concept behind them, only to find out that they both are into custom-building.

That couple of riders started what is now a friendship.

Dadiangas Classics was initiated and founded in 2015 by two custom bike enthusiasts named Ian Rey Araquil and Yvan Gregg Ecoy. Eventually, a couple of friends from Mindanao State University found themselves interested in custom bike building and started building their own bikes at their backyard so their number immediately doubled.

They decided to form a group called Dadiangas Classics. Dadiangas was derived from the old name of General Santos City. Classics as majority of the group is composed of classic restored bike owners.

The group’s advocacy is mainly in community service and promoting environmental awareness. As a club, they have a certain restriction in terms of becoming a member. First your bike must be a classic bike, custom-built, and the like. Any displacement will do. Of course, since this is a brotherhood, a good character is a must before being an official member. They hope to expand this type of culture in General Santos City and in the other parts of Mindanao with people who share the same passion thru organized activities involving two-wheeled vehicles such as flat track races and motor shows.

The group aims to promote camaraderie in every member and also to other motorcycle clubs as well as preserving the classic bikes for future reference from its extinction as the era of technology rises. They also want to expand custom culture in Mindanao to be recognized as the center of excellence for custom-building. They would then be gaining the respect from other clubs by exhibiting the pride of using our classic bikes.

photos provided by Dadiangas Classics

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine’s 2017 Volume 15 Number 11 issue

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