Dad’s Garage Racing Team Ready for Victory in 2024 with the Support of 4S1M and Imprint Customs

Date posted on February 22, 2024
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One of the successful teams in the 2023 local racing season is Dad’s Garage Racing. The team is one of the Permanent Franchise Teams of the MotoIR, Super Series and IRGP.

Dads Garage 4S1M RML00504

Dads Garage 4S1M racing team at the IRGPXVI


Nedy Duran of Dad’s Garage placed third in the Underbone Limited Trophy race of the IRGPXVI. He is also the Fastest Underbone Beginner Rider.


Carlsen Solis, son of team owner Roger Solis, placed third in the MotoIR Grand Prix SP class of IRGPXVI


Dad’s Garage Racing wins second overall in the 2023 PFT (Permanent Franchise Team) standings of the Motul Super Series

Team work, riding skills and camaraderie were greatly shown by team members and their success in the racing scene is an inspiration to aspiring riders and racing teams. The racing team comprised of riders Roger Solis, Carlsen Solis, Carlo Calderon, Roel Rubin, JM Inguito, Nedy Duran, Shan Espedilla and Mario Borbon Jr. reaped many trophies and awards in the InsideRACING Club Races, MotoIR Championship, Super Series Championship and the 16th InsideRACING Grand Prix. Dad’s Garage Racing placed second overall in the team championship standings of the 2023 Motul Super Series.


Roger Solis


Carlsen Solis


Carlo Calderon


Roel Rubin


Nedy Duran


JM Inguito


Shan Espedilla


Mario Borbon Jr.

Dad’s Garage Racing aims to achieve more in 2024. Armed with passion and dedication for the sport and rider and mechanic skills, the team is set to conquer the upcoming racing season on a high note with its partnership with 4S1M and Imprint Customs. The teams’ partnership with these two brands was a huge success in 2023 and the team is ready to continue making waves in the local racing scene this year. A contract signing for the partnership for the 2024 season was held on February 22. Present were Dad’s Garage racers, mechanics and the team owner Mr. Roger Solis, Mr. Mark Tan of 4S1M and Mr. Gian Lasam of Imprint Customs.


L-R: Mr. Gian Lasam of Imprint Customs, Mr. Roger Solis of Dad’s Garage Racing, Mr. Mark Tan of 4S1M, Mr. Jeff Alvarez of 4S1M and Mr. Carlo Calderon of Dad’s Garage Racing

428614718_371448352327701_8276849763468136745_n viber_image_2024-02-22_15-42-11-613 viber_image_2024-02-22_15-42-49-930 428610848_371449122327624_3100050159360499514_n

Racing under the name Dad’s Garage 4S1M, the underbone, scooter and backbone riders of the team are racers to look forward to this 2024 racing season.

viber_image_2024-02-22_15-42-00-434 contract signing photos from Dad’s Garage 4S1M racing team

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