Denso Spark Plug Automatic Grand Prix

Date posted on November 8, 2010
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DENSO SPARK PLUGS is back as the sponsor of the class with the highest number of participants. The much-awaited classes of the MOTOLITE IRGP4 taking place on November 27-28 at the Carmona Race Track in Cavite.

The Denso Spark Plugs Automatic Grand Prix will be contested by more than 30 riders where almost all of the big names in local scooter racing are entered. Since IRGP introduce the Automatic GP way back in 2008, the class has developed and is now poised to grow even bigger next year.

Best known for its Iridium Spark Plugs and U-groove technology, Denso Spark Plugs is a clear world leader that takes pride in achieving exceptional results in the national and international circuit, including the MotoGP, its team being LCR Team Honda.

A little history: Fifty million years ago, an asteroid composed almost entirely of the precious metal iridium (Ir-77) struck the earth. The extreme strength of this metal inhibited its large-scale usage in spark plugs. However, through continuous technological advances, Denso was able to harness the power of iridium. Their patented alloy is composed of iridium and complimented by rhodium (an even stronger metal) which is added to increase oxidation and wear resistance. Denso was able to make this durable alloy workable by pioneering and patenting a laser-welding process. Little wonder why Denso is trusted by experts not only in the country but all over the world.

Denso offers conventional spark plugs using U-groove, Iridium Power spark plugs for high performance using iridium alloy center electrode, and Iridium Racing spark plugs tuned for circuit racing.
The IRGP4 partners include, Stoplight TV, Motorsiklo Xclusibo radio, The Racingline TV and Racing Beat Wave 89.1FM.
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