Ducati Cup Champ and Jetski Star BJ Ang joins Motul MotoIR3 All-Star

Date posted on July 16, 2021
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Ducati Cup Champion and Jetski National Champion BJ Ang will compete in the first ever MotoIR3 All-Star race for Alpinestars Motul PH this July 17 at the Clark International Speedway Kart Track together with other star riders of Philippine road racing.

Champions, international racers and top guns of the Philippine racing scene are competing in the class sponsored by Motul, a French oil brand distributed locally by Moto Industriya.

The MotoIR3 All-Star race is part of the MotoIR Championship organized by InsideRACING and sanctioned by USRA.

Ducati Cup Champion 2019

BJ Ang is a gentleman racer who combines his passion for Jetski racing and motorcycle road racing. He is an elite athlete in both disciplines! He became the 2019 JSAP Jetski Rider of the Year and at the same time the 2019 Ducati Cup Champion.

JSAP 2019 Rider of the Year


“I’m really exicted for the All-Star Race tomorrow as we are racing against the future of Philippine motorcycle racing in the country. Happy also to see young talents as they are the future of the sport. Having the chance to be on the grid with these future talents is an honor. The bike is also something exciting as these miniGP bikes are the best cross training and learning bikes for people who wanted to enter the sport. Skills will really be honed as there is no electronics on the bikes, ” said Ang who is also the owner of Networx Jetsports in Subic.

Top level superbike racers in Europe and America use miniGP bikes to train as they cannot always ride their superbikes. The miniGP bikes require similar riding techniques to go fast that can be applied to much bigger and faster race bikes. This led the MotoIR organization to invest and pursue this new MotoIR3 spec bikes in order to bring the same training opportunity to our local riders.

Other star riders racing are Dashi Watanabe of Motul WRD, TJ Alberto of Access Plus, Alfonsi Daquigan of 53SportsFactory, Dustin Esguerra of Zebra LEXIN, Kirk Dominguiano of BG Power Stroke and Jonh Lery Enriquez are set to excite fans this Saturday and they will be racing on board MotoIR3 Kayo spec 150cc race bikes.Same GP style bike, same tires, new track and all-star riding skills! It will be a treat to race fans indeed. The race event will be livestreamed at the InsideRACING facebook page this Saturday

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