Ducati Monster 937, SuperSports S & Panigale V4 SP launched at CIS

Date posted on September 24, 2021
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Ducati Philippines succesfully held an exclusive and very intimate reveal of 3 of its model ranges during an all Ducati Track Day at Clark International Speedway in Pampanga.

Almost a hundred Ducati owners participated in the Ducati Track Day on September 23. They were joined in the paddock by selected Ducati VIP guests, media, influencers and vloggers.

After the morning sessions and lunch, Ducati Philippines gave all a treat as they revealed 3 new 2022 models. The Monster 937, the SuperSports S and the exclusive Panigale V4SP.

Ducati Philippines’ CEO and its alpha brand ambassador Mr. Toti Alberto

Ducati Philippines’ CEO Mr. Toti Alberto rode at the track with his customers and was also there to unveil the bikes and briefly explain what is new and the special technical features of each model.

Despite the ongoing situation, premium big bikes like Ducati have been selling well locally despite their high prices. Their customers’ budget that were  normally set aside for travel or leisure holidays, suddenly became free. Most were diverted to other things and many bought big bikes as it is an ideal social distancing leisure activity. Not to mention that a Ducati, or any new motorcycle for that matter,  is a great way to lift up anybody’s spirit and keep the body active. Riding also nortures the mind and soul. It makes you realize that not everything is going bad and that sometimes, you can actully create your own happiness.

The first model unveiled by Toti was the new Monster 937. He highlighted the new technologies of this fifth generation Monster; the new frame, the new engine, the low seat height and how incredibly light it is at only 165 kgs.

He invited a guest to demonstrate how easy ut us to straddle even for a short person. He also shared that the new Monster 937 is as light as his wife’s favorite bike the old Monster 620. The Monster 937  in Red  retails for  only P875,000 while the Black/Grey is P885,000.

Alberto then proceeded to unveil the latest SuperSport S. The handsome, muscular and  Italian looking sports touring bike looked beautiful in traditional Ducati colors; Corsa red, black wheels and chunky gold Ohlins fork.

The new midel.now comes with a new colored TFT Dash, LED lights and Cornering ABS. The Super Sport S Red  is competitively priced at P1,105,000.

The highlight was not only the unveiling but the turn over of the very first two limited edition Ducati Panigale V4 SP in the country.

The numbered Panigale V4 SP or SP” (Sport Production) version, is normally the basis for the development of the racing bikes used in the Sport Production Championship. It comes with specific technical equipment that makes it faster on the track.

The last SP has a ligher chassus, carbon rims, special brakes, dry clutch and the katest Ducati Traction control and Riding Modes. It also comes in a specual ” Winter Test” color.

The owner of both bikes was present to accept the keys. He bouught two bikes , one for the street and one for track riding. The Panigale V4 SP comes with its own production number and costs  P2,560,000 each!

The Philippines is known to sell the most Panigales in Asia since the model was introduced years ago.  This was backed by the most successful Ducati Owners Cup racing program and Ducati Track Days for the brand in any country. It also has a long running domestic PSBK superbike team anf since 2019, its own Asia Superbike racing operation. It has recently been enhanced by its own riding school the Alberto Race Training program.  These local programs garnered consistent annual awards and recognition from Ducati Italy itself.

Sure enough, TJ Alberto and the owner went around the track immediately after the unveiling!

Congratulations Ducati Philippines!

Official Press Releases from Ducati Ph

The New Monster 937

 Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 2 December 2020 – The Ducati World Première web series has come to an end with the fifth and final episode in which the Borgo Panigale motorcycle manufacturer unveiled the new Monster. A motorcycle that marked the history of Ducati like few others by being our best-selling model ever: more than 350,000 have been produced since its presentation.

The new Monster represents all the essence of Ducati in the lightest, most compact and essential form possible. You can already guess it from the name: Monster, nothing else. The recipe is the original 1993 one: a sporty engine, but perfect for road use, combined with a Superbike-derived frame. All that you need to have fun, every day.

The new Monster is based on the same concepts that bind it to the unforgettable Monster 900, the first, true sports naked, but reinterpreted and updated. The result is a bike with an advanced, easy and efficient chassis, capable of immediately establishing the perfect feeling with the rider. The riding position is less loaded on the wrists and the engine offers an excellent balance between power, torque and ease of handling.

To create the new Monster, the engineers and designers started from scratch, but with a clear idea of the key points around which the new bike was to be built. Lean and agile, the bike incorporates the guidelines and the DNA of each Monster that make it immediately recognizable: fuel tank shaped like a “bison back”, “shoulder-embedded” round headlight, clean tail and engine at the centre of the scene. The language, however, is new and modern. The shapes have evolved in a direction in which essentiality and technology are enhanced by design, as in the circular profile of the front LED headlight and in the “sweeping” direction indicators.

The new Monster is sporty and fun. The Monster is powered by the Testastretta 11° 937 cc twin cylinder L-shaped engine, with desmodromic distribution and Euro 5 homologation. Compared to the previous 821 it increases in displacement, power, torque and decreases in weight (-2.4 kg) to contribute to the lightness of the bike and offer better rideability. It now delivers 111 hp at 9,250 rpm with maximum torque of 9.5 Nm delivered at just 6,500 rpm, proving to be efficient and reactive in throttle response. Thanks to the increased displacement, the torque is improved at all revs, particularly in the medium-low range, most used on the road and between curves. This guarantees thrilling performance as well as riding ease and pleasure, also supported by the new gearbox and the Ducati Quick Shift Up / Down fitted as standard. The Monster is also available in a 35-kW version, suitable for A2 license holders.

The new Monster is light. To ensure maximum fun, great attention was paid to weight reduction in the creation of the new Monster. Chassis, accessory elements and superstructures have been redesigned from the ground up to create a compact and lightweight bike, perfect for everyday use as well as for sports use.

The aluminium Front Frame replicates the same concept found on the Panigale V4. It is short and attached directly to engine heads. With a weight of only 3 kg this frame is 4.5 kg lighter (60% less) than the previous trellis, helping to reduce the dry weight of the bike to just 166 kg.

Each component has been redesigned and lightened: the rims lose 1.7 kg and the swingarm is lightened by 1.6 kg. The rear subframe decreases by 1.9 kg thanks also to the GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer) technology with which it was made, that has allowed the optimization of shapes and surfaces to the benefit of lightness and dimensional compactness. The total weight saving is 18 kg compared to the Monster 821.

The new Monster is easy, in any situation.The height from the ground of the seat of the new Monster is 820 mm. This, combined with the narrow sides of the bike, allows the rider to put his feet on the ground very easily. A seat is available as an accessory that reduces the height from the ground to 800 mm, while still maintaining good padding. Also a kit of springs for the suspension can be purchased, which lower the vehicle by reducing the seat height to 775 mm from the ground.

To ensure maximum manoeuvrability at low speeds and facilitate manoeuvring from a standstill, the steering angle has been increased to 36° (+7° compared to the 821). The handlebar has been brought closer to the rider’s torso by about 7 cm to have a more upright riding position that guarantees greater comfort and control. The position of the feet has also been changed, and the legs are now less curled up. All this translates into greater riding ease, even in city traffic.

The new Monster is technological. The standard equipment includes ABS Cornering, Traction Control and Wheelie Control, all adjustable to different levels of intervention. The sporty character of the bike is also underlined by the Launch Control which ensures lightning-fast starts. This electronic equipment allows to express the performance of the bike with a high level of active safety.

The new Monster is equipped with three Riding Modes (Sport, Urban, Touring) that allow to shape the character of the bike according to tastes and needs. Everything is easily managed through the handlebar controls and the 4.3" colour TFT dashboard featuring racing graphics that echo those of the Panigale V4, with a large rev counter that shows the indication of the gear inserted.

The Monster has always been a symbol of customization. To allow each Monsterista to make their bike even more unique, sticker kits have been created that enhance the shapes of the Monster and celebrate Ducati’s sportiness. For those wishing to accentuate the style of their Monster in an even more decisive way, cover kits will also be available. As with all Ducati motorcycles, a wide range of Ducati Performance accessories is also available, such as the double Termignoni approved silencer with carbon fibre end caps. In the section dedicated to the configurator on Ducati.com all the customization options can be viewed.

As Toti Alberto – Ducati Philippines President and CEO, “We at Ducati Philippines is excited for this New Monster 937. It’s no surprise that Ducati has yet again, came up with this lightweight, powerful and a bike that is Just Fun”

The new Monster is available in Ducati Red and Dark Stealth with black wheels, Aviator Grey with GP Red wheels. For those who want the bike with an even sportier image, there is the Plus version in the same colours with an aerodynamic windshield and the cover for the passenger seat as standard.

The SuperSport 950

The SuperSport 950, renewed in aesthetics and electronics, brings sporty riding to everyday life, ideal also for young people who want to approach the world of Ducati sports bikes

The world of racing competition has always been a source of inspiration for Ducati, performance is in fact in the company’s DNA in all forms. The SuperSport 950 is the right bike to bring sporty riding into everyday life, without having to compromise, especially in terms of comfort. For 2021 the model has been revised in design, enriched with electronic equipment and gear, as well as becoming compliant with the Euro 5 anti-pollution legislation.

Full LED Headlights and DRL. The aesthetic link between SuperSport 950 and Panigale V4 is now even stronger. The front view is defined by the new full-LED headlight supported by two fins and flanked by two air intakes that widen the view. The DRL clearly recalls the sharp luminous signature of the Panigale V4 and is made thanks to a refined opal that diffuses the light evenly.

The fairings have been redesigned to accentuate the sportiness of the bike and the fluidity of the shapes. The air vents coming from the water radiator are inspired by the double extractor of the Panigale V4 models but revisited in a racy yet more elegant form.

The genetic makeup of the SuperSport 950 is that of a true sports bike with single-sided swingarm, a trellis frame fixed to the engine that acts as a stressed element to reduce weight and bulk, ergonomics with raised handlebars for greater control even with the passenger, seat revised to maximize rider comfort through greater longitudinal usability, multi-adjustable suspension, three-spoke “Y” aluminium wheels and Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 tyres, radial master cylinders for brake and clutch and high-performance Brembo braking system with double 320 mm disc for a dry weight of 184 kg.

Now with Cornering ABS and Wheelie Control. Electronics is one of the areas most affected by the development of the new SuperSport 950, equipped with electronic controls based on information from Bosch’s 6-axis inertial platform, capable of instantly detecting roll, yaw and pitch angle of the motorcycle in the space. The electronic package consists of Cornering ABS, Traction Control, Wheelie Control and Electronic Shifting. The adjustment of the electronic settings, as well as the Riding Modes (Sport, Touring, Urban) is done through the menu of the new 4.3” full-TFT display with graphics and interface inspired by that of the Panigale family.

This latest iteration of the Supersport 950 was launched in the Philippine shores last September 23, 2021 at the Clark International Speedway. Witnessed by a very limited number of Guests and Media Partners.

The SuperSport 950 is available in red and, for those who want a more refined chassis, the S version is available in “Ducati Red” and “Arctic White Silk”. The SuperSport 950 S is equipped with fully adjustable Öhlins suspension and passenger seat cover. Visit the nearest Ducati Philippines dealership to get a glimpse of the Ducati Supersport 950 and 950S.

New Panigale V4 SP

Ducati expands the Panigale V4 family by introducing the new numbered Panigale V4 SP version, which certifies the return after many years of the initials “SP” (Sport Production) on the fairing of a Ducati super sports bike. 

Introduced for the first time on the legendary Ducati 851, this abbreviation identified the versions that formed the basis for the development of the racing bikes used in the Sport Production Championship, precursor of the current Superstock. 

Even today, in Ducati, the acronym is used to recognize a production bike with specific technical equipment that makes it faster on the track.

Concept. Thanks to its technical equipment, the new Panigale V4 SP is the ideal bike for the amateur who wants to hit the track and be fast immediately. The bike is easy to ride and requires little physical effort, regardless of your riding skills. The quality of the bike under braking is extraordinary, as is the lightness in going into the lean and the tendency to close the line. An amateur rider on the SP will be faster than if he were riding the more demanding version. 

Lighter Chassis.The new Panigale V4 SP also stands out for being equipped with contents derived from the Superleggera V4, such as the lightweight 5-spoke carbon wheels, the exclusive Brembo Stylema R® front brake calipers and the Brembo front brake pump with MCS (Multiple Click System) and remote adjusting device. In addition: the steering head machined from billet which shows the progressive number of the bike and the adjustable rider footpegs in billet aluminium with carbon heel guards.

Winter Test”Livery. Essential and fascinating, the “Winter Test” livery that characterizes the bike is inspired by that of the Ducati Corse bikes used in the pre-season tests of the MotoGP and SBK Championships. The matt black of the fairings, combined with the matt black of the carbon of the rims and wings, contrasts with the bright red accents and the shine of the exposed brushed aluminium tank, giving a truly professional look to the bike.

Carbon rims.The carbon rims, 1.4 kg lighter than the forged aluminium ones, reduce rolling inertia, making the bike significantly more agile and lighter in direction changes.

Brembo Stylema R® brake calipers. The Brembo Stylema R® brake calipers guarantee a high braking power, as well as exceptional consistency of performance even during a long timed session without changes to the travel of the brake lever. The calipers are operated by a Brembo MCS radial pump which allows for quick adjustment of the braking feeling.

Panigale V4 SP – Equipment

A wide range of accessories can be used on track days;, such as the open carbon clutch cover*, caps for removing the license plate holder* and mirrors*, as well as the Ducati Data Analyzer + (DDA +) telemetry kit with GPS module that allows you to professionally analyse your performance on the track.

*This product is intended for vehicles used only in close-course competition. Operations on public roads is prohibited by law.

Dry Clutch. The Desmosedici Stradale engine of the “SP” is equipped with a dry clutch, which is essential to be effective on the track when riding to the limit, and is coupled to a final drive with a 520 pitch chain, lighter than that of normal production.

Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO 3. This new strategy is part of the continuous search to improve lap time through interventions that make riding more intuitive, less tiring, and therefore more effective for greater fun on the track.

When coming out of a corner and working the throttle, normally at the end of the recovery phase of the "drive line” there’s an unwanted and unexpected slippage of the rear wheel due to the peak acceleration of the crankshaft, which disturbs the rider while increasing the throttle.

The new software predictively adjusts the torque delivered, calibrating the angular speed of the crankshaft to make the recovery phase more fluid. This translates into a more linear acceleration coming out of the corner and thus a better feeling for the rider. 

The new strategy is active at all DTC levels for dry tracks (levels 1 to 4) and wet tracks with rain tyres (level 7).

The following chart shows the data of two laps: the grey lines refer to performance with strategy off, the red lines with strategy on at the same point of the track. The data are the accelerator (APS) and the torque on the wheel measured with a measuring wheel shaft. In the time interval highlighted by the two vertical lines (corresponding to corner 2 of the Alcarrás circuit) it can be seen that the DTC EVO 3 reduces the peak torque on the wheel, and consequently allows the rider to increase the throttle.

New Ducati Riding Mode strategy. The Panigale V4 SP features a new Riding Mode strategy that allows the rider to make quick comparisons between two different configurations on the track to define the best set-up. The Race Riding Mode has been split into two specific mappings for track use (Race A and Race B), now freely comparable in the individual parameters, which complement the already existing Sport and Street.

The Riding Modes allow you to choose between four different pre-set riding styles to offer the Panigale V4 SP behaviour that is perfectly adaptable to the rider, the type of track and the environmental conditions. Each Riding Mode is programmed to instantly change the character of the engine, the parameters of the electronic controls.

Riding Mode Race A – Race A riding mode in its default configuration was developed for experienced riders who want to exploit the full potential of the bike on the track. By selecting Race A, the rider can count on all the engine power with direct ride-by-wire response when the throttle is opened. Race A mode provides for an electronics setting aimed at achieving maximum performance on tracks with consistent asphalt and high grip, without decreasing the level of safety, with the ABS intervening only on the front wheel to offer maximum braking performance, but with the Cornering feature always active.

Riding Mode Race B – by selecting the Riding Mode Race B the rider can count on all the engine power but with reduced torque delivery in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear compared to Race A, in order to make the bike more manageable during long sessions on the track, on circuits with characteristics that favour cornering rather than strong acceleration or characterized by irregular or low-grip surfaces. The electronic controls are set up in such a way as to allow even less experienced riders an effective and spectacular riding style. 

Sport Riding Mode – Selecting Sport gives the rider 214 hp, with direct sport-style Ride by Wire throttle response and, on the S version, a sport style suspension set-up. Electronic control settings allow even less experienced riders to enjoy effective, spectacular handling. In Sport mode, for example, the Slide by Brake function is engaged, allowing riders to drift into corners safely. Rear wheel lift detection during braking is on and the ABS Cornering function is set to maximise cornering performance.

Street Riding Mode – Street Riding Mode is recommended when riding the Panigale V4 SP on the streets. As with Sport Riding Mode, this RM gives the rider 214 hp

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