2020 Ducati Multistrada V4 officially in PH

Date posted on January 28, 2021
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Ducati Philippines officially unboxed the highly anticipated 2021 Ducati Mutistrada V4 on their social media platforms.

The eagerly awaited V4 ADV bike of Ducati that was launched late last year in Europe is now finally on sale on local soil thanks to Ducati Philippines.

The Multistrada has a big following among Filipino Ducati lovers for its versatility and performance more apt for all roads that adventure or touring riders in the Philippines face.

Whether its on smooth expressways, broken concrete roads,  potholed provincial asphalt roads or  the mud, gravel, sand or rocks that adventurers seek; keen and sophisticated riders have taken the Ducati Multistrada to heart.

In local competition,  it has won a the BOSS Ironman and the IR ADV Challenge years ago. Also, you can find a few Multistrada owners doing trackdays and mixing it up with the supersports guys for fun.

For this new Multistrada V4, Ducati is even more committed to deliver in every moment,  the riding pleasure of complete control.

This  fourth generation of Multistrada is more versatile and easier to ride than ever wether its for Sport, Travel, Enduro or Urban. The new Multistrada V4 promises to be effective and fun in all riding conditions. 

Compared to the previous generation, this model has a compact V4 Granturismo engine with reduced wheelbase to make the bike shorter, more agile and with a center of gravity perfectly positioned in the vehicle.

The V4 engine is 1.2 Kg lighter and more compact compared to the previous V2 Multistrada generation engine. It delivers up to 170 hp with a peak torque of almost 13 kgm to achieve slick and smooth-running performance on demand. It also has the signature twin-pulse firing order and MotoGP derived counter-rotating crankshaft . A smooth engine at low speed, great torque at medium speed and sporting spirit at high speed. Excellent in all conditions, perfect for all riding modes. 

The new Multistrada V4 is fun even when the asphalt ends, thanks to the wide ground clearance, the electronic suspensions, the surprising fluidity of delivery and its shapes also designed for standing riding.

A place to store and charge your phone

There are also many technological solutions introduced by Ducati to adapt to the needs of the rider, whether they are oriented towards comfort or the desire for a sportier ride.

The smooth delivery of the new 170 HP V4 engine, the innovative chassis and  ergonomic  solutions, the most advanced Ducati electronics and the world’s first front and rear radar system on motorcycles, allow for the most fun, versatile and intuitive riding experience ever. These generates an ease of riding that instills safety in every rider, in any riding situation: from long-distance comfort to the pleasure of off-road performance, also enhancing the Ducati sporting DNA,” said Ducati on theie website.

This is the fastest Multistrada ever!” Said Ducati Philippines President Toti Alberto. ” The Philippines is the first one in Asia to release the Multistrada V4,” he added.

Important New features:

Front radar mounted between the headlights

Radar System : the first motorcycle in the world to mount both front and rear radar systems, making it possible to install riding support technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection.

A light on the side view mirror warns you if a vehicle approaches you on your blind side

– Enhanced Vibration reduction: All chassis balances and engine gears are optimized to reduce vibrations and offer the best possible comfort to the rider and passenger. Minimal vibrations maximize comfort, especially over long distances, as does engine noise which is kept to a minimum thanks to reduced gearbox allowances. 

– With a different valvetrain, the first important maintenance interval will be only after 60,000 kms!  An absolute milestone that raises the standard of reliability and reduces maintenance costs.

– Ultra light Monocoque frame : The MotoGP-derived monocoque frame allows for a significant weight reduction and adds high rigidity and stability at high speeds.

19″ Front Wheel ensures a rounded and intuitive ride in sport and touring use, as well as greater control on unpaved roads.

6.5-inch TFT  dashboard – Adjustable in inclination to be perfectly visible whatever the rider’s height, the large dashboard houses a 6.5-inch TFT screen. In color, with high resolution and perfect visibility in any light condition, the new TFT features a new HMI interface, completely redesigned to be more intuitive, easy to use and pleasant to look at.

Ducati Connect system, your phone connects to the bike allowing you to control different actions through the handlebar joystick. Compatible with iOs and Android, through smartphone mirroring you can do everything you may need during the trip. Though we do not advise to do it while moving, you can search your contacts or type a phone number using the keypad; play your favorite music by scrolling through folders, artists, albums and playlists; set your destination and follow the navigation on the complete map view integrated in the dashboard.

Semi-active Skyhook suspensions with 4 riding modes, 4 load modes, and over 400 parameter combinations for semi-active suspension that allow you to have exactly the bike you want, whenever you want.

Ducati EVO Systems : Straight from the racing experience. The new Multistrada V4 is equipped with the best electronic riding assistance systems such as DTC, ABS Cornering, DWC, DQS.

Auto-leveling system that recognizes the bike’s load setting and adjusts it autonomously to bring the saddle to the ideal height from the ground in the different riding configurations, adding to the (manual) options already available for the user: rider, pilot plus panniers, pilot and passenger, pilot and passenger with panniers.

– Latest generation Quick Shift, which implements the use of information transferred from the inertial platform to improve the performance of the device both downshifting and upshifting.

– New double-sided swingarm  inspired by the principles of additive technology.

– A new two elements rear trellis frame improves robustness and makes room for underseat storage and the adjustable saddle.

Adjustable multi-element windscreen. So simple, yet so advanced. The windscreen is equipped with side deflectors for maximum protection. An ergonomic system adjustable in height simply with a finger (patent pending).

Aerodynamic bypasses. The internal aerodynamic bypass (02B) helps to create a jet of fresh air capable of diverting the flow of hot air exiting the radiators around the rider to improve thermal comfort. The external one (02A) draws air from the front of the vehicle to cool the rider’s seat area.

Engine heat diverted away from the rider

Side radiator vents. The position of the front radiators has been designed to allow for optimal vehicle weight distribution: the fins on the side of the radiator cooling ducts allows for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

Turning vanes. The pair of turning vanes under the fairings allows to increase the flow of fresh air to the rider, maximizing thermal comfort and generating vertical load which is essential for vehicle stability.

The new Multistrada V4 range are priced at :

Php 1,490,000 – V4
Php 1,705,000 – V4S
Php 1,920,000 – V4S Sport with Radar

For more information or test ride booking, you can contact your nearest Ducati Dealer in your Area.

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