DUCATI SUPERSPORT S – The Everyday Exotic

Date posted on January 11, 2019
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A high powered supersport bike to ride everday? At first thought, this combination seemed to be far-fetched but we think ducati really nailed it on this one, as it achieved that goal quite flawlessly.

A s with all Ducati bikes, there will always be skeptics and naysayers. Some say that the 100 hp engine will be underpowered, or because it doesn’t go anywhere close to the other Ducati bikes in terms of performance or aesthetics. But Ducati will prove them wrong with this bike because the thing is, the SuperSport S shouldn’t have to be compared with any other bike, as it is on a class of its own. One could appreciate the heritage in a Ducati with the SuperSport name. This bike is totally different from the SuperSport edition of the 1990’s, as this is several notches higher with the influence of modern technology such as the electronic enhancements, rider aids, and even the Ducati Safety pack integrated in this modern machine. While the bike’s looks and ergonomics would classify the SuperSport S as a sport touring bike – easily adaptable to your weekend Marilaque getaway or for city riding, both the city and the twisties will be home to this pocket rocket. With a claimed 937cc, liquid-cooled engine with an output of 113 horsepower, the SuperSport S’ engine is based off the Hyper 939, the Testastretta 11-degree powerplant that has been seen in other Ducati middleweights. This bike though is totally different due to the redesigned crankcase and cylinder heads, and is fitted with new throttle bodies that are 53mm. The bike uses a steel-trellis frame, based from the Ducati Monster 1200, but tailored-fit for the SuperSport S. Connected to the rear of the engine is a single-sided, cast-aluminum swing arm. The aesthetics of the bike is beautifully designed and this shows in the Panigale-shaped aerodynamic fairings that is suited for more relaxed riding than its brother .

The LED daytime running lights give this a modern look that truly complements the Panigale-inspired look. This is an altogether different machine as the coils, generator cover, and ride-by-wire system were finely tuned for this machine. These all give a more refined engine response in its low rpm performance as this baby gets up to 80% of its maximum torque at around the 3,000 rpm range. Aided by three riding modes that are distinguishable – Urban, Touring, and Sport – Ducati’s latest offering is sure to give you enough power suited for your riding skills. During our test, we were at home using the Touring mode during our city driving experience as we found the Urban mode a bit lacking in the oomph we were looking for when accelerating, giving us a feeling that the bike might stall, although it didn’t. But once we changed modes, it was all pure fun. Our canyon carving in Marilaque was made more enjoyable by the Sport mode, using all of the SuperSport S’ 100 plus horses with every twist of the throttle. Part of the Ducati Safety Pack included in this is Ducati’s eight-level Traction Control and three-channel ABS. There is also the Ducati Quick Shifter stock, which will aid the rider in up and down shifting. The full color TFT screen will provide you ease in the adjustments as will as give out all the necessary information to aid you in your riding. Whew, electronics galore. The bike has a wheelbase of 1,478mm and a 31.9-inch seat height. Stopping power is provided by the radially-mounted Brembo m4.32 four-piston calipers and dual 320mm disc brakes in front. At the back, there is a single 245mm disc and twopiston caliper.

The shock provided on the Super Sport S that we tested is from Ohlins and 48mm Ohlins fork. Both the fork and shock are fully adjustable and a lot of riders will be pleased with that info. We were impressed with the brakes’ bite during emergency situations including the performance in sudden front braking. Everything is aided by the impressive 120/70-17F and 180/55R Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires. What a machine. You don’t need to be a hard-core rider to appreciate this bike. With its Sport Touring feel, mainly because of the high set of clip-ons, and its footpeg placement – you will have a relaxed time riding a fully faired motorcycle. There is also the customizable windshield with up to 50mm in height adjustability. Quick and agile, and using the famed trellis frame and a V-twin engine from the Hyper 939, while having the beautifully adapted fairings inspired from the Panigale, there is no doubt that this bike is in its own category. The bike is beautiful in every angle and could even be the perfect bike for some riders.

Al Camba – “The new Ducati SuperSport S is a bike that we thought Ducati forgot how to make anymore. Before the 916, 1098 and the glorious Panigale superbikes dominated their sportbike line-up, Ducati also produced succesfull sport touring bikes like the SS750, SS900, ST2 and the ST4. Sportbikes that exude lustful Italian styling and sporty performance but without the compromises necessitated by racetrack demands. These were the bikes for riders who also ride fast but prefer to do it in a more relaxed manner and cover longer distances. The recent and current superbikes, while continuing to push the envelope of outright performance, simply are not as versatile anymore unless you are a young masochist ready to suffer. The sport touring riders are left with no real choice. The newly-released SuperSport S (the base model drops the Ohlins front and rear suspension in favor of Sachs units, Ducati Quick Shifter and passenger seat cowl) is a breath of fresh air to these riders. Using the classic formula of trellis frame, V-twin engine (from the Hyperstrada) and sporty suspension wrapped in a curvaceuos body, Ducati once again created a masterpiece. It is attractive in a different way to the superbikes. It still looks lustful, lean, mean and most of all beautiful in any angle. The 937cc liquid-cooled engine with three discern able riding modes (Sport, Touring, Urban) is power ful enough to excite while still being tractable for everyday use especially in touring mode. It is probably one of the most useable and friendly engine in the line-up. Its full performance can be used by a wide variety of rider skill level. This is not a full on super bike so power hungry racers need not apply. The Ohlins do not disappoint and it delivers the silky smooth and confidence inspiring compliance at any speed as expected from these gold-colored suspension bits regardless of the bike. Probably the most significant thing with the SuperSport S that defines it from the superbikes is its relaxed riding position. Its clip-ons are mounted above the triple clamp and footpegs are lower and slightly forward. I believe the SuperSport S will be another hit for Ducati as it will attract the non hard-core sport riders and may also entice old sportbike riders with bodies that cannot fit Panigales to try on a new bike. It is a bike that do not require you to go to a racetrack once in while to get the most out of your purchase. For me, the prospect of having a lustful red Italian V-twin sportbike in my garage has never been so attractive!”

Philip Bonza – “Petite and sexy Ducati SuperSport S surprises me. The bold lines and curves are so clean and pretty in design. With the front end style, it looks like a baby Panigale but this is a full grown beast. The clean works and design look flawless that no screw on the fairing is spotted. So how does it feel like riding this surprisingly agile and powerful machine? Having 937cc, it is nimble to ride on the city and lively to manipulate on heavy traffic. There is more than enough power on straight and twisty roads. It perfectly keeps my momentum on high speed corners and and confidently controlling it right. It is equipped with variable riding modes and DTC (Ducati Traction Control) and DQS (Ducati Quick Shift) so I accomplished my good ride. The Ohlins suspensions and Brembo brakes managed my respectable trip. Ergonomics-wise, I can say it is perfect for most Filipino riders because of its upright clip-on handlebars with good footpegs position and nice saddle which gives the rider elaxed feel. This Ducati S model SuperSport has a complete package of all things – electronically adjustable and manually adjustable suspensions plus the good architecture and design. This is a perfect versatile commuter-touring sport bike that will give you all-day comfort and provides powerful performance inside the race track. For my 3P (porma, performance and price), 5-gear points is my score to this Ducati model.”

Ricci Abrina – “Wow! Was my first reaction upon straddling this beautiful beast in sheep’s clothing. Further to my amazement, I stepped on the gear shifter and the sound was a click rather than a thud or gnash of chain and sprocket which other big bikes would sound like. The Ducati SuperSport S has a Ducati Quick Shift up/down system. Refinement and poise with the meanness and power of a beast is incorporated in the new resurrected Ducati SuperSport model name. Taking technology and looks from three different well-known Ducati motorcycles (Hypermotard for the engine, 937cc water-cooled, Monster for the frame and Panigale for its looks), the Ducati SuperSport S 937 has ample power for the daily and twisty roads and is kept stable on the road with front and rear fully adjustable Ohlins suspension. It responded well go ing up and down Marilaque. Plus you know you can stop on a dime with the Brembo brake system all around and Ducati Safety Pack which includes ABS and DTC (Ducati Traction Control). It’s an everyday sporty bike by a very prestigious and well known brand – Ducati.”

*This article was published in InsideRACING’s Volume 15 Number 7 issue 2017.