Ducati’s view on its almost 10 years in Philippines

Date posted on April 20, 2021
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The Philippines is one of Ducati’s strongest market in Asia. Maybe not yet in outright unit sales but surely number one in representing the Ducati global brand image of prestige, glamour, racing and lifestyle.

For many years now, the Philippines has been the biggest market for the Panigale superbike in Asia and has one of the most active owners.

Although Ducati has been synonymous with T.A. Marketing and Toti Alberto since the late 1990’s, the official direct partnership with Ducati Motor Holding Spa began in 2012.

Francesco Milicia the Vice President for Global Sales and After Sales Ducati Motor Holding Spa

Here is what Francesco Milicia the Vice President for Global Sales and After Sales Ducati Motor Holding Spa has to say about the official partnership that is now close to ten years.

The first Ducati showroom opened in Cubao, Quezon City in 2012

How long has Ducati partnered with T.A. Marketing, Inc. / Ducati Philippines?  Ducati Motor Holding and Ducati Philippines have been in a strong partnership since October 2011, which then resulted in the first showroom being opened in Cubao, Quezon City in 2012. The dealership has an area of 336 sqms and covers Sales, Servicing and Spares operations.

What has Ducati done to achieve these results in 2020?  From the very start T.A. Marketing Inc. has climbed numerous endeavors to establish the Ducati Presence here in the Philippines with Community building, Marketing events, new dealerships throughout the 3 Islands Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Ducati Philippines also has Toti Alberto its very own President as the brand ambassador throughout the years in the motorcycle community generating a wide interest towards the brand.

Toti Alberto, Ducati Philippines’ President and brand ambassador

Are the dealerships like the Italian ones? How many? Locations? The dealerships in the Philippines are Identical to the rest of the Ducati dealerships around the world. We follow the corporate identity of Ducati to the best of our abilities. We have a total 5 dealerships, 2 in Luzon situated in the heart of Manila. One in Quezon City, and one down south of Luzon. There are 3 Provincial dealers, 1 in Cebu and 2 in Mindanao catering our customers in the south of the archipelago.

Ducati Cebu
Ducati Davao

What are the differences between the Philippines and European customers? What do they ask, what do they prefer, how is the bike viewed?  The Filipino community has its distinct character of desiring to be on top. Exclusivity, Power, and Style are the main characteristics they look for. The idea of being a Ducatista in the Philippines already inhibits a status symbol that you are different from the rest of the motorcycle community. Recently, due to the increase in traffic, some Ducatisti use the smaller displacement models as their daily bikes, although most of the market still use their bikes for weekend rides going to locations out of the city.

The Filipino community also loves their racing and Ducati’s racing pedigree since Ducati takes part in both the MotoGP and the Superbike World Championships.

Filipino Ducati class champion racers John Defensor (10) and BJ Ang (5) in action.

Ducati has been competing in the premier-class MotoGP category since 2003. The Company won the Constructors’ World Title in 2020 and was World Champion in the 2007 season, winning both Constructors’ and Riders’ Titles

Former MotoGP rider Andrea Iannone visited the Philippines in 2015

In the Superbike World Championship, Ducati has won 17 Manufacturers’ titles and 14 Riders’ titles, collecting more than 300 race victories. Ducati is the motorcycle manufacturer that has won the most titles since the beginning of the production-based Superbike series in 1988.

Ducati’s World SBK Champion Carlos Checa came to the Philippines twice

What courses and activities does Ducati organize in the Philippines? We host technical and sales training consistently in the distribution network of Ducati Philippines, which develop the quality of the business, and better customer service.

Ducati Riding Experience (DRE)

Ducati Philippines conducts regularly its Ducati Riding Experience (DRE), which offers proper training to its Ducatisti and other brand owners giving them an insight to what the Ducati community has to offer.

Panigale V4 Experience with SBK World Champion Carlos Checa

For the racing sector, we have the Ducati Cup, which started in 2003, creating more interest in the brand year after year, building a foundation of Ducati racers in the Philippines.

Philippine Ducati Cup

Ducati Philippines also sponsors racers in the ARRC Asia Road Racing Championship TJ Alberto and Federico Sandi, which shows our commitment, and involvement in the international racing scene of Ducati.

ARRC ASB1000 Superbike Team
TJ Albreto (77) and replacement rider Lorenzo Zanetti (87) in action

Which bikes sell the most in Philippines / which Ducati model do customers like the best?               Ducati Scrambler is the top selling family in the Philippines due to its lifestyle, followed by the Panigale for the racing community and the Multistrada for the Adventure riders.

Are there any Ducati Desmo Owners Clubs?   Yes, we have a Ducati Desmo Owners Club, which is headed by its President Manny Cabili, also with sub-groups per bike category. This is all under the care of Ducati Philippines.

Manny Cabili (center) President if DDOCP

What new initiatives do you envisage in 2021?    The Ducati Philippines will continue its expansion for 2021 not just in dealers but also in activities following the proper guidelines required for the covid-19 disease, creating a bigger Ducatisti community, riding more roads, offering more experiences to our customers, enthusiasts, and the youth. Imbedding the Ducati image in the hearts and minds of the Filipino motorcycle community.

Some photos provided by Ducati Philippines and Access Plus Racing

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