Eneos Endurocross 2nd leg – Muddy Sunday at KRB

Date posted on July 31, 2018
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How about a difficult course and a wet track from start to finish? To say that the KRB Speedway was muddy would be an understatement.

Ask anyone present during that race; especially the riders and they will blurt out expletives any good writer would know is not fit for public consumption.

Those watching from the sidelines, resembling a veritable mosh pit if I may say so had a no holds barred approach in expressing their sentiments, cheering and jeering at the rider’s miseries and victories. Each and every part of an Endurocross track has the potential to bring even the greatest riders to a complete halt. Thanks to Mel Aquino and Roe Bautista for designing a race course that the riders could not get enough of. Expect more of these bespoke race courses from this dirt loving tag team.

Around 50 participants from all fields of the dirt bike riding spectrum took part in the first leg of the 2018 ENEOS Endurocross. Expert trail, endurocross riders, newbies, and even Motocross riders all sojourned to KRB Speedway. The teams and also solo riders had to race 30 minutes, the most number of laps on the track that combines different muddiest terrains, unexpected ramps, wins.

The 2nd leg of the 2018 ENEOS Endurocross happened on July 29, 2018 also at KRB Speedway, Antipolo bringing with it the memories of the inaugural leg all covered in mud (but in a good way). The 2018 Eneos Endurocross is powered by ENEOS the leading oil in Japan! Supported by Yamaha Motors Philippines, VS1 and Mototek, Artcom Advertising, YRS Modification, SEC and Just 1 Helmet.

Again, thank you to all who came, who participated and supported this event! See you next race!

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