ENEOS Joins MotoIR, Sponsors Automatic Class

Date posted on July 12, 2021
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ENEOS, a petroleum brand from Japan, is participating in the MotoIR Championship as the class sponsor of the MotoIR Automatic category.

Scooter racing thrill can be experienced at the MotoIR Automatic GP and SP categories which will follow USRA Open 160cc Scooter rules. The MotoIR Automatic GP is for Expert and Intermediate racers while the MotoIR Automatic SP will be battled by Novice and Beginner riders.

The kart track of the Clark International Speedway is the venue of the MotoIR Championship this Sunday, October 10.

For more details about the October 10 MotoIR championship race, please contact 09453355520.

ENEOS motor oil has also sponsored the IRGP and participated in the IR Bike Fest in the past years. The brand has also supported a number of racers.

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