Esguera & Claveria “mano-a mano”  for the Motul MotoIR2GP crown! Purino & Tolentino assured of titles.

Date posted on November 6, 2021
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Taytay’s Justine Bethany Tolentino of Phoenix Yamaha SEC has virtually won the Motul MotoIR1GP crown as well as Batangas’ Joseph Dominque Purino of RS8 Racing in the Motul MotoIR2SP class. Both with an unassailable points lead after 10 grueling races so far in 2021that began in June. With only 2 races left tomorrow their titles are safely in the bag.

2021 Motul MotoIR1GP Champion Justine Bethanny Tolentino

2021 Motul MotoIR2SP Champion
Joseph Dominque Purino

This means that only the Motul MotoIR2GP as the only championship that has yet to be decided.  A pair if Yamaha R15 mounted rivals is on course for a mano-a-mano battle for 2 races this Sunday. 

Dustin Esguerra

Fritssy Claveria

After 10 races, Taytay’s Dustin Esguerra of Chicken ZEBRA Pertua leads Tarlac’s Fritssy Claveria of Team 137 SEC Motosupply by only 4 points. The difference between a win and second place is 5 points so who finishes ahead of each other will become 2021 Motul MotoIR2GP champion!

In past races both were supported by team mates John Lery Espiritu  for Claveria and Paul Mark Doblada for Esguerra. But for  this title decider, both the team mates  left it to the protagonists to settle it by themselves on the track. This will be one if the most exciting battle for Sunday

The 2021 MotoIR Championships is sponsored by DENOO, ENEOS, MOTUL, YSS, KTM, FDR, MAXXIS, PIRELLI, ZENEOS, KOBY, RCB, and UMA Racing. The event us sanctioned by the USRA.

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