Eyes on the road –Charley Boorman witnesses the beauty of Puerto Princesa

Date posted on May 22, 2013
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Shell Advance and STAR Sports to air new travel series, ‘Freedom Riders Asia’


Asia is recognized in the world as a leading tourist destination because of its diverse culture, rich cuisine, and picturesque architecture. In the Philippines our beaches and mountain ranges are must-see sites for tourists and adventure seekers alike. Add biodiversity and natural resources to that, and it is no wonder why one of our more famous provinces, Palawan, was chosen to be featured in the new turbo-injected series “Freedom Riders Asia.”

World-renowned biker Charley Boorman rode the streets of Puerto Princesa as one of his pit stops in Freedom Riders Asia; a six- part travel series he hosts airing on STAR Sports which features man and motorcycle on the move for fun, freedom, and performance.

Sponsored by Shell Advance, the world’s leading brand for lubricants, the series had Boorman venture the roads of six countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and The Philippines, where he was immersed in their respective motorcycle cultures.

Shell Advance Brand Manager Emi Arboleda shares, “Freedom Riders Asia is the perfect show that celebrates and connects bikers in Asia, while offering travel and adventure experience to a wider audience. We believe that Boorman and the show embody what we offer to all of our customers — the enjoyment of every ride and allowing them to experience freedom through effortless and hassle-free mobility on the road.”

In the Philippine leg of Freedom Riders Asia, Boorman and his accompaniment of top Filipino riders journeyed in the capital of the unspoiled, nature-friendly Palawan with one tank of petrol on his Honda XR200. He also used three other bikes during his trip – a motorcross bike, an underbone bike and a trike or the “Best of Burden.”

“Bikes have always been my passion and I’ve always been interested with Asia’s diversity. What’s great in doing the show is that it gave me the opportunity to mix my passion for biking and to experience the warmth and beauty of Asia and its people,” said Boorman as he recalled the hospitality of the locals and eating delicious, exquisite Palaweño delicacies.

Boorman spent his first day in Puerto Princesa searching for his road buddy in a local garage. There he was introduced by the owner to an underbone bike. He took some twists and turns with it, and off he went.

“I met great local biker groups in the Philippines. They taught me things I need to learn while riding in their part of the world. Being from the UK, I definitely enjoyed the sun on my face and the freedom my bike gave me while traveling in Palawan,” added Boorman.

To cap off Boorman’s stay in Puerto Princesa, he watched and mingled with the participants of the 450cc Veterans Race category of FIM Asia Motocross/Supercross Challenge – considered as one of the most anticipated motocross challenges in Asia. He also tried his hand out in this class.

FOX International Channel’s (FIC) Asia, the operating organization of STAR Sports channel in Asia, celebrated this partnership with Shell and said, “Freedom Riders Asia was developed specifically for the Asian audience as Asia has a growing population of adventure and travel enthusiasts. We were confident that audience would appreciate and enjoy the places and activities that Boorman visited and experienced, especially due to the local colors and flavors showcased.”

Furthermore, FOX wasdelighted that Shell Advance has collaborated “to produce this program with an innovative show concept aimed at further engaging with the audiences on a deeper level.”

Meanwhile, on May 15- a week before its Philippine airing- Freedom Riders Asia will have its exclusive premier in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Members of the media and biker clubs will get to meet Boorman, in person, as well as the privilege of watching the pilot episode of his new adventure series. Freedom Riders Asia will also be shown on FOX, National Geographic and FX.

Catch Boorman’s fast-paced adventures in Palawan on May 25, 2013 on Star Sports Channel

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