Fatty Setup with Thai Concept fusion Honda Ruckus

Date posted on August 6, 2022
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This stretched-out Fatty Setup 2009 Honda Ruckus (USDM) scoot is owned by Harold Andrew M. Oclarit, a presales Engineer from PLDT. For this “Project Ruckus”, Harold collaborated with Team RRworks also based in Minglanilla, Cebu.

The scoot is basically a “Fatty Setup” fitted with Douglas mag wheels. It is also a fusion of Thai Concept Streetbike as it features lightened parts on it. It has an extended engine support which gives the scoot a low profile stretched-out look.



  “I always consider myself as an artist and the motorcycle is my canvas. When I came across my first motorcycle way back 2013, which is a Kawasaki fury 2010, I always have this feeling to make it different from anybody else. I want it to stand out more than any Kawasaki Fury motorcycle roaming around the Cebu city. From that day forward, it fuelled my enthusiasm for modifying and creating a motorcycle that is unique to anyone. After my Kawasaki Fury project, I also built a Streetbike concept Raider 150 and an NMAX 155 but something inside me keeps saying “build something unique”. The moment I saw a Honda Ruckus/Zoomer on my vacation in Vietnam, I immediately fell in love with the motorcycle. I found a unit in the Philippines and bought it, thus, project ruckus was born. It gives me joy and happiness to inspire the younger generation to follow my lead and love everything about motorcycle from building to riding. I think that the most satisfying aspect of this hobby is like the saying goes “build to inspire not to impress”. I always keep that in mind on all my builds,” narrated Harold.


The scoot sports Douglas mag wheels (12×8) and has features major upgrades to the engine starting with the FCR 28mm carburetor, coil blaster for the ignition coil, 60mm block kit on a GY6 engine and racing pulley for GY6.  The suspension system was also custom-tuned to achieve a low center of gravity to maintain a stable ride even on high speeds starting with the 205mm Sniper 150 shock absorber and Honda Dio hub with outer tube with 200mm caliper bracket. The scoot also features neon green calipers, Dorf seat frame (lowered for Ruckus), Moxi brake master cylinders and customized brake hose for the rear. The scoot uses Michelin tire for the rear (140×70) and Vee Rubber tire for the front. To make the scoot even lighter, it has carbon fiber rear fender, carbon fiber plate and lightened CVT cover. It also features rainbow titanium bolts, basic digital speedometer, chrome gas tank cover, Bosch horn, KOSO quick throttle, Domino switch and JDM hand grips.


Harold said, “I’m not brand conscious when it comes to parts and accessories. For me, I go with the synergy of the components used on the bike, how one piece complements the other pieces. I don’t care if it’s they consider fake as long it works and fits. I went to a local machine shop for the measurements, fitting and welding. For the engine build, I happened to meet Reinz Ryan Loro, John Axel Pacal and Handro Canuneo, some local kids who have a small motorcycle shop near my place. I contracted them to help me execute my plans for the build, from the engine works up to the installations of aftermarket parts. I owe the credits to these guys for Project Ruckus build since I’m a full time employee as well working from home. Kudos to Team RRworks!”


“I would like to thank the Lord for his continued blessings and protection to our family. Big thanks to my family who continues to believe in my passion for motorcycles. Shout out to my wife Loebel Busis, I love you!, Oclarit Family Team RRWorx, HERA construction (my mother and father’s business in CDO), our Labrador dog named Joey “The Dinosaur”, my friends and my co-workers at PLDT! Thank you so much to InsideRACING Magazine for this wonderful opportunity to be featured in your magazine,” Harold expressed.

Parts and Accessories Used:

FCR 28mm carburettor, coil blaster for the ignition coil, 60mm block kit on a GY6 engine, racing pulley for GY6, Douglas mag wheels (rear 12x8inches), 205mm Sniper 150 shock absorber, Honda Dio hub, Honda Dio outer tube with 200mm caliper bracket, neon green calipers, Dorf seat frame (lowered for ruckus), Moxi brake master cylinders, customized brake hose for the rear, Michelin tire for the rear (140×70), Vee rubber tire for the front, carbon fiber rear fender, carbon fiber plate, rainbow titanium bolts, basic digital speedometer, chrome gas tank cover, Bosch horn, KOSO quick throttle, Domino switch and JDM hand grips

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