Find Your Culture with Yamaha Through Art

Date posted on September 15, 2021
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Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. partnered with the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. in their latest expression about the Yamaha Mio campaign. Together, a mural was created on the W Global Center at 30th Street cor. 9th avenue in Bonifacio Global City. The statement on the mural is the very core of the Mio campaign that asks, ‘what’s your culture?’ A question for the audience to ask themselves where you belong or where do you want to belong? And even if we have different cultures, we are brought together by what fuels our passion for riding.

Each frame of the mural is arranged to resemble a textile type look, utilizing the concept of “weaving” and how different narratives are intertwined and part of a bigger picture. The circular nature of the layout aims to visualize how everyone in the community, despite their different culture, could be of service to one another. The Mio Motorcycles were integrated with each frame to showcase its integral role in our everyday lives. They play a big part in ‘Rolling Out A Better World’, the mobility it serves helps the community to Move Forward specially during the new normal.

The mural isn’t just a display to advertise Yamaha’s products, it’s a testament that the ride will always persevere. In a new world, your culture will always stand out. Why art? Because each Yamaha motorcycle is art in motion and felt in every rev.  See it for yourself and find out what’s your culture. 

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credit: Yamaha Motor Philippines

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