Goku-inspired Suzuki Raider from Lipa

Date posted on July 27, 2021
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Junior Armamento De Castro from Tambo, Lipa City, Batangas owns this 2016 Suzuki Raider 150 Reborn modified bike which he named “Kemuri,” a Japanese word which means smoke.

He is a seafarer and aside from modifying bikes, Junior also likes online gaming, basketball and swimming.

The bike’s concept is based from the cartoon character Goku of the animated series and movie Dragon Ball. Junior is inspired with the concept of Goku. He used the color orange and blue and also made the headlight visor to look like a head of the dragon.

“Since 2017, I have been modifying/custom-building bikes. I will buy a brand new one then after one month that I finish the break in process, I will start to change all the parts and accessories to make it more good-looking. I buy and fabricate some parts together with the help of Allanwerks Customs,” shared Junior.

The Kemuri project took almost a year to finish. When Junior started modifying the bike, he encountered many people who gave negative comments such as he will not be successful and he has no talent to build bikes. Sometimes Junior doesn’t have enough money to buy some parts of the bike. But he overcame all this and successfully modified Kemuri.

“I modify/build bikes because this is what makes me happy. I do this to make people happy and to inspire and share my talent as a motorcycle enthusiast. My message to fellow builders and motorcycle enthusiasts is give time, don’t make shortcut, focus, find some ideas to make your project successful, and don’t forget to always be humble,” Junior said.

For future plans and projects, Junior will try to install car wheels and tires or hubless with six tires and change the color of the bike. He will also make 4 carburetor and two additional fuel pump regulators.

“First of all, I would like to thank God, my family who is always there to give full support, my friends and relatives especially Regner Delgado Manahan, my nephew and niece Kevin Gahon and Justine Gahon, my friends, Aljhade Jane, Burn Mercado, Christian Aldrin Lolong, Jumel Delgado and Elmar Duño, Team Kemuri Esports, Team Allanwerks, Team Graphter Philippines and Team Blitz who are always there for me every time I need them,” expressed Junior.

Parts and Accessories Used:

• Pro arm (front and rear)
• Dual disk and caliper (front and rear)
• Spyder rim
• Two-tone full chrome blue orange fairings
• Two-tone dragon visor
• Chrome headlight
• Chrome tail light
• Chrome gas tank
• Chrome chassis
• Two-tone chrome head cover
• Two-tone chrome crankcase cover
• Chrome grab bar
• Chrome handlebar
• Chrome garnish
• Chrome emblem
• Chrome speedometer
• Chrome center stand
• Chrome side stand
• Brembo lever
• Brembo master pump

• KOSO voltmeter
• KOSO thermometer
• KOSO switch
• KOSO rpm
• KOSO modified telescopic
• KOSO 28mm carburetor
• RCB handlebar
• RCB handle grip
• RCB butterfly
• RCB caliper
• RCB oil cooler cover
• RCB rear set
• PZ tech lever guard
• PZ tech disk plate
• PZ tech axle cup
• PZ tech head slider
• PZ tech engine slider
• PZ tech crankcase cover
• PZ tech air cut cover
• PZ tech plate holder
• Hero racing front shock
• Hero racing clutch arm
• SPS brake hose
• Heng titanium bolts
• Benen tow hook
• Earl oil breather hose
• Acrylic fiber set
• AN6 fittings
• Customized four pipes
• Customized dual carburetor
• 180cc Engine displacement

photos provided by Junior Armamento De Castro

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 19 Number 5

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