Harley-Davidson HD350

Date posted on June 29, 2020
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Internet sources indicate images of a small displacement Harley-Davidson model developed for the Asian market.

HD350 Concept Drawing

Similar to the direction taken by KTM and BMW Motorrad a few years earlier, the American premium brand known for big rumbling and heavy V-Twin power cruisers wants to continue to expand its product portfolio with smaller and cheaper models to attract a much younger customer base.

The small capacity parallel twin engine of the HD350 is being jointly developed with China’s Qianjiang (Owner of Benelli).

The HD350’s engine will displace 353cc and make 36hp. It will be targeted at premium buyers in India and Asian markets including the Philippines.

The concept drawings no doubt looks attractive for a baby Harley. We hope the mascular image will be retained in the final production version.

The model is expected to be out next year or even possibly by end of 2020.

What do you think about this bike? Will you buy it?

Photo by Harley Davidson

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