“Hawaiian Concept” Suzuki Raider From Cagayan De Oro

Date posted on January 13, 2020
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This very intricately built Suzuki Raider show bike from Cagayan de Oro is owned by Siegfred Saplot, a landscaper maintenance specialist based in Hawaii.

The bike is a product of the collaboration of several individuals and the team went to great lengths to carry out the Hawaiian-inspired theme. The attention to detail for the team behind it is truly impeccable; everything was carefully thought of and masterfully put together.

A project of this magnitude takes a lot of time, perseverance and hard work. The team behind it underwent a lot of trials and hardships but despite that, they kept on pushing towards their goal until they finished their project show bike.

“There are a lot of challenges we faced in modifying our motorcycle. One of those is financial problem since building a motorcycle with our Hawaiian concept costs a lot of money. Second, we were scammed by someone whom we trust our parts for modification. We gave him a big amount of money for down payment and entrusted our motorcycle’s parts. As days passed by, we were informed that our parts were gone and we can’t contact the person anymore. So we had to buy again new parts for our motorcycle. Another challenge is to find another trustworthy person for another transaction. It’s never easy to trust again or make another transaction online after we we’re scammed. But despite that, after seeing the finished bike, the hardships are all worth it. It is really satisfying to know that many are happy looking at my bike, especially when they show their amazement and curiosity regarding the difficult modifications we did on our show bike. We aim to inspire other motorcycle enthusiasts by constantly pushing the limits of bike modification,” Siegfred shared.

Going into the bike, it sports a wide array of custom-made parts done by Siegfred’s team coordinated and managed by his cousin Louie Saplot starting with custom-made acrylic seat, custom-made acrylic underneath, custom-fabricated oil cover, custom fabricated hand grip, custom-fabricated engine breather and custom-fabricated gas tank with speakers. The most intricate modifications of the show bike are the custom-cut fairings (Hawaiian style) and custom-made two-tire hubless front wheel with custom-made built-in disk rotor. The bike also features custom-made four-tire hubless rear wheel which has also custom-cut and adorned with Hawaiian flower image. The bike sports a custom-made rear belt drive system. Aside from that, the bike features premium aftermarket parts and accessories such as Racing Boy handlebar V1, Racing Boy shifter, Racing Boy brake lever, Racing Boy brake fluid tank, Racing Boy brake master pump front and rear, Racing Boy fluid tank holder, Racing Boy caliper front and rear, Pitsbike carburetor 28mm, Racing Hero oil filter cover, Racing Hero frame cover, Racing Hero crankcase cover, Racing Hero crankcase slider, Option 1 Side mirror, Daeng Sai 4-exhaust pipe, AES headlight and tail lights, CNC tappet cover, Ktech brake hose front and rear, Ktech clutch cable, UMA Racing quick throttle, PZ Tech engine slider and genuine Heng gold bolts.

“My team is composed of all my cousins and close friends. Louie Saplot is one of my cousins and he stands as the 2nd owner of my motorcycle whenever I’m not around in the Philippines. I owe a lot to him because he serves as the one who totally managed/built my motorcycle without asking any pay in return. I would like to thank our one and only sponsor TOPUP Motor Parts and Accessories Shop owned by Bernard Zayas. Special thanks to Tolaps Rider Club who managed my bike, our mechanic Mr. Pocholo Von Mandang,

Mr. Rommel Sudario of Sudario Airbrush for the acrylic seat airbrush and Maui statue, Mr. Mark Cuera for the chrome plating and our modifier Mr. Junzin Roy Pabalan. Thank you so much for your undying support. Thank you very much InsideRACING Magazine for featuring my show bike,” said Siegfred.

*This article was published in InsideRACING’s  Volume 17 Number 10  2019 issue.