Heavily Modified Six-Wheeled Show Scoot from Carcar

Date posted on July 23, 2021
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This is one of the latest show scoot builds from Team Choyax based in Carcar City, Cebu. The base bike for this build is a 2019 Yamaha Mio i 125.

Team Choyax is headed by Wendwar Ybañez Cena aka Choyax. He is the owner of Choyax Motorparts and Accessories Trading in Bantayan Island and Carcar City.

“I started modifying underbones and scoots after I was inspired and influenced by Khent Pelimer aka Khenjhun Workz. I was so amazed seeing his works. I was blown away by the amount of detail and intricacy of his show bikes. It inspired me to set my goal of building my own show scoot. As a bike enthusiast, modifying bikes is my stress reliever. It makes me happy even though it’s so expensive to build a motor show bike. I enjoy building and working on motorcycles. I’m doing this to inspire other people to join the bike modifying culture. There are a lot of hidden creative talents out there and I hope I will be able to inspire them to get into this hobby of building bikes. Our latest build also intends to promote our motorcycle parts shop. It showcases our expertise and the modifications we can do in our shop. Building bikes is expensive and it demands a lot of hard work but after all the sacrifices, everything is worth it when people appreciate what you built especially when you see their reactions. Every time I attend/join motor shows, I get to meet new friends and share ideas with fellow motorcycle builders,” Wendwar shared.


This heavily modified scoot it sports a lot of very challenging modifications starting with the 10-inch custom-made swing arm extension followed by its custom-made dual-wheeled hubless front wheel set and quad-wheeled bespoke rear wheel set. The custom wheel set comes with integrated custom-made big disk rotors. One of the most difficult mods was the rear wheel set. It is made up of 4 individual rims machined together. Just imagine the difficulty of aligning these wheels to a single hub. It is indeed a masterpiece. The scoot features Brembo RCS19 brake levers for NMAX. It is also equipped with dual Brembo calipers at the front and Brembo dual piston calipers at the rear. The scoot has Rizoma transformer handlebars and Rizoma visor. The crew also upgraded the suspension system with TTGR shocks at the front and TTGR 180 mm mono shock at the rear. It sports genuine Heng bolts, digital volt meter, digital fuel gauge, RAD free flow air filter, custom exhaust system and custom-made stainless steel floor matting. The scoot features custom 2-tone hydrographics paint which really makes it eye-catching and fierce.


“I would like to thank my hard working crew Team Choyax and my motor club US1 Scooter Club Cebu. Special thanks to Khent Pelimer aka Khenjhun Workz for inspiring me to build my own shown bike and join motor shows and to my one and only and very supportive wife Jezzah Larrobis. Shoutout to my best buddies who helped me to set up every motor show – Christial Paul Giganto, Remar Fernandez, and Darwin Martus. Thank you so much to InsideRACING MAGAZINE and the whole InsideRACING family for featuring my latest build project,” expressed Wendwar.

Parts and Accessories Used

10-inch custom-made swing arm extension

Custom-made dual-wheeled hubless front wheel set

Custom quad-wheeled bespoke rear wheel set

Integrated custom-made big disk rotors

Brembo RCS19 brake levers for NMAX

Dual Brembo calipers at the front

Brembo dual piston calipers at the rear

Rizoma Transformer handlebars

Rizoma visor

TTGR shocks at the front

TTGR 180 mm mono shock at the rear

Genuine Heng bolts

Digital volt meter

Digital fuel gauge

RAD free flow air filter

Custom-made stainless steel floor matting

Custom 2-tone hydrographics paint

Custom-made exhaust system

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine Volume 19 Number 5

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