HeloKity –Themed Vega Force from Cebu

Date posted on July 1, 2018
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We are featuring a Hello Kitty-Themed Yamaha Vega Force from Cebu. The bike is owned by JhingleAlutaya, a member of the Yamaha Cebuana Club and an Acting Manager of Cinfandel Suites

Jhingle has been racking up wins in the local and regional motor shows with her really catchy bike which is a really big hit among women andkids. Despite its girly look, this bike and its owner has earned the respectof the show bike building community in Cebu because of the greatattention to detail and the intricate modifications that werepainstakingly done on the bike.
Don’t let the girly and harmless exterior fool you, this bike is out there to compete and the team behind it has gone to great lengths to arrive in its current state of modifications. “The concept is all about Hello Kitty, very simple, it attracts attention becauseits uncommon especially in the male-dominated motor show competition. I chose fuschia pink Hello Kitty because I think it suits my personality – simple yet friendly,” Jingle said during an interview.
The entire body, rims, exhaust heat guard and brake calipers of the bike have been custom airbrushed with the Hello Kitty Theme done by airbrush artist extraordinaire Cocoi Franco Jagapeof Cebu City. The team installed Yamaha windshield visor and boomerang which was also custom airbrushed.
To protect the bike from slides they used Bikers axle sliders. The team also installed Sum Racing side mirrors, Bikers plate holder, Yamaha fork stabilizer, DK Racing hose guides, Bongbonfront and rear footpegs, Bikers exhaust shield, Racing Boy handle grips and brake lever.


The seat is a custom-made Noiwatdan replica with custom-embroidered Hello Kitty graphics. The body and seat has custom LED lighting. For the suspension, the front outer tube has been upgraded to 7-speed outer tube. The team used Excel rims wrapped in FDR tires.
“I want to thank Yamaha Cebuana Club, BhadzRiders, William Manaba, Cocoi Franco Jagape, Arnel of Dub Shop, Rico Rivera, Mercy Diongson, all my friends and family who helped me financially and InsideRacing Magazine for this opportunity,”expressed Jingle.


yamaha Vega Force
Parts and Accessories Used:
• Yamaha windshield visor
• V shape boomerang
• Yamaha fork stabilizer
• Bikers axle sliders
• Sum Racing side mirrors
• Customized Hello Kitty seat cover – Noiwatdan replica
• Hgm pipe
• Racing Boy chain cover
• Givi bracket
• Givi box
• Bikers plate holder
• DK brake hose cover
• Chrome side stand
• Custom airbrushed Excel rims
• Bikers exhaust heat shield
• Racing Boy handle grips
• Bikers helmet hook
• BongBon front and rear footpegs
• 7-speed outertube
• FDR Tires
• Osaki chains and sprockets