Honda ADV 150 Modern Street Bike Thai Concept from Quezon City

Date posted on May 4, 2021
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We are featuring a very unique platform for a Thai Concept Build. When you hear ADV, the first thing that comes to mind is adventure scoot, off-road and trail riding.

But the innovative crew behind it saw some potential to create a unique platform to build a Modern Street Bike Thai Concept Project scoot.

The bike is owned by Nathan Sy Cucueco, a businessman specializing in motorcycle performance parts and accessories based in Quezon City.

Nathan started out working for a call center company several years ago but he was already selling motorcycle parts on the side. There came a point wherein customers were buying parts and going directly to his office so with the growing demand, he decided to go at it full time and the rest is history. His motorcycle parts shop has been going strong for 4 years already.

“I chose to build a Modern Street Bike Thai Concept Honda ADV because I was fascinated about building it into a street legal drag look scoot. It will be a rarity in our country since it would be very challenging to build especially it’s a new model and parts would be difficult to find. It would involve a lot of man hours and custom-machining to build this project scoot but I love challenges,” Nathan shared.

The scoot was conceptualized by Nathan and he coordinated all the work done on the bike. It was a collaboration of several teams, namely, Team RedSpeed, JRP Thailand, his friends Josh Raymundo, Enchong, THDM Manda, Tambunting Works, Juanito Oria, Isok Motorshop and his crew from Thai Parts Nathan. “Building this bike involved a lot of hard work since this is a relatively new scoot model. It was especially challenging to build the engine. But after we completed the project, it was all worth it. Fellow motorcycle enthusiasts really appreciate it, we got a lot of good feedback from this project and it gives us the opportunity to inspire others (future bike builders and enthusiasts). It makes me really proud,” Nathan added.

The scoot sports a lot of top of the line THDM aftermarket parts and accessories starting with the Daeng Sai4 racing exhaust and JRP Thailand racing flat seat. The crew at Team RedSpeed upgraded the engine with RS8 engine and CVT performance parts to boost performance.

The brake system was also upgraded with high-performance Brembo red calipers 2 pot (rear) & 4 pot (front) limited edition, Ducati brake master and SWIT brake line kit. To keep the weight low, the scoot uses carbon fiber parts by CarbonSmith, lightened swing arm, lightened crankcase cover and lightened disk rotors. The rear suspension was upgraded to high-performance JRP Thailand suspension. The scoot was also equipped with high-performance DS4 drag racing rims and IRC drag tires.

“I would like to thank Team RedSpeed, JRP Thailand, my friends Josh Raymundo, Enchong, THDM Manda, Tambunting Works, Juanito Oria, Isok Motorshop, Renz Marlon Mateo, Junar Mateo, Jaime Medina and my crew from Thai Parts Nathan. Special thanks to my gifted friend and photographer Dave Poligrantes of Drave Photography and Videography. Thank you so much to InsideRACING Magazine for featuring my scoot,” said Nathan.

Parts and accessories used:

• Daeng Sai4 racing exhaust
• JRP Thailand racing flat seat
• RS8 engine and CVT performance parts
• Brembo red calipers 2 pot (rear) & 4 pot
(front) limited edition
• Ducati brake master
• SWIT brake line kit
• Carbon fiber parts by CarbonSmith
• lightened swing arm
• lightened crankcase cover
• lightened disk rotors
• JRP Thailand suspension
• DS4 drag racing rims
• IRC drag tires

This was published in InsideRACING Magazine’s Volume 19 Number 3 issue

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