Honda CB110 Scrambler by Tuba Garage

Date posted on February 10, 2020
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For this issue, we are featuring one of the latest builds from Tuba Garage, the breakout builders from Talisay City, Cebu.

Tuba Garage made their debut back in 2018 at the 1st InsideRACING Bikefest Cebu Biker Builds held at SM City Cebu.

The base bike for this Scrambler project is the Honda CB110. Originally, this motorcycle model is known as the Honda CB Twister, a 110cc standard motorcycle produced by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI). This model has been discontinued in India but it was succeeded by the Honda Livo model. Currently, it is known as the Honda CB110 in Colombia and in the Philippines.

The bike was built by Ronell Salvado and James “Erp” Donaire of Tuba Garage. For this project, they wanted to prove that you can build a retro classic Scrambler without busting your wallet.

Tuba Garage specializes in metal fabrication, electrical, paint and chassis work. Tuba Garage got their name from the coconut palm sap wine or “tuba” which their crew often drinks to celebrate the ending of each successful build project. Just like the amount of work and patience needed to produce coconut palm sap wine or tuba, you can expect the same work ethic from these self-taught builders every time they have a build project.

Going into the bike, the whole tail end of the original chassis was modified brat style. It was then fitted with re-purposed front and rear tire fenders. To finish it off, they installed aftermarket retro-styled tail lights paired with low profile LED turn signal lights. The bike also features custom-made leather seat (brat style). The whole bike was also custom-painted starting with the gas tank and cowling with custom pearl grey color. The original rear shocks together with the engine were also repainted to glossy black. Tuba Garage also made a custom bullet style exhaust system which is all stainless steel. The team also installed 120/90×17 OKK dual-sport tire (rear) and 110/90×17 OKK dual-sport tire (front).The bike also features Rizoma low riser handlebars and Rizoma handlebar risers. One of the key features of the bike is the aftermarket retro hand grips paired with bar end LED turn signals. They team also installed powerful LED retro-styled headlights to complete the look.

Tuba Garage has come a long way. Ronell “Blithe” Salvado (the founder) traces his humble beginnings as a stockman at an electrical hardware store and James “Erp” Donaire traces his beginnings as a taxi washer but because of his fascination for motorcycles, he became an apprentice builder at Tuba Garage and eventually became a full time member of the team. Ronell kept on chasing his dream and continued to pursue his love for building/customizing motorcycles. He is self-taught and he did not undergo formal training. The skill he has accumulated over the years is the result of his hard work and determination. He kept on learning, improving and accumulating experience until eventually he founded Tuba Garage.

“I would like thank my family, my friends, especially my wife for supporting and believing in me and my passion for building motorcycles and in the journey that I have chosen. Thank you to all Tuba Garage supporters. Thank you for bappreciating our works since the beginning.Thank you for trusting us. Thank you so much InsideRACING Magazine for featuring our latest build project. More power to InsideRACING Nation,” Ronell “Blithe” Salvado shared.

• Custom-made leather seat
• 120/90×17 OKK dual-sport tire (rear)
• 110/90×17 OKK dual-sport tire (front)
• Re-purposed front and rear tire fenders
• Aftermarket retro LED tail lights
• Aftermarket retro LED headlights
• Modified chassis (Brat style) tail
• Aftermarket low profile LED rear turn signals
• Aftermarket retro hand grips
• Aftermarket bar end turn signals
• Custom-made bullet exhaust system
• Custom paint
• Rizoma low riser handlebars
• Rizoma handlebar risers
• Osaki (silver) chain and sprocket set

*This article was published in InsideRACING’s  Volume 17 Number 11 2019 issue.