Honda Japan will sell GB350 & GB350S made in India

Date posted on April 1, 2021
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Honda Japan has officially announced that they will sell the made-in-India Honda H’ness CB350 as the Honda GB350 and Honda GB350S roadsters.

Honda GB350

The bike on which it is based on was launched in India late last year. It was positioned against the new Royal Enfield Meteor 350 which was launched just about the same time. The H’ness is selling well in India.

Since it is a global bike in terms specifications with Euro 5 compliance, ABS and traction control, there are plenty of rumors that the bike will be exported out of India and into many global markets.

Sure enough, it was Honda Japan itself that announced just a dew days ago that they will sell the stylish roadster in Japan with a target of 4,500 units annualy.

The GB350  is powered by a Euro5 compliant, 348cc  counterbalanced, air-cooled,  4-stroke, OHC,  single-cylinder engine that produces around 21 HP.

According to Honda, they  minimized unpleasant micro-vibrations by installing a balancer  on the main shaft axis in addition to the balancer axis. This also makes the engine feel like a long stroke engine.

An assist and slipper clutch is used together with a 5 speed transmission. Wheels are 19 inch front and 18 inch rear.

The attractive styling is largely retro but with modern touches. Modern features are Full LED lighting system, a neat combo of digital/analogue instrumentation,Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) or traction control and dual-channel ABS on both front and rear disc brakes. 

Honda GB350S

According to their website, the GB350 S will be based on the GB350 and will be equipped with wider rear tires, a muffler with a shape that deepens the bank angle, short type resin front and rear fenders that contribute to weight reduction, and side covers with a sharp surface configuration. In addition to the front fork boots as standard equipment, the steering wheel position and main step position have been changed to create a sporty style that gives the impression of more aggressive driving.

The GB350 will be available in Japan on April 22 (Thursday)  whike GB350 S will be released from July 15th .

Price for the GB350 is 550,000 yen  (Php241,000) while the  GB350 S is 594,000 yen (Php260,000).

Will the Philippines be the next country to announce its introduction? 

Prices will definitely be lower because it will come from India. Will you buy it?

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